Tutorial 1

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Tutorial 1
Tutorial 1 Thumb.png
Difficulty Easy
Region Central
Population Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblins,
  1. redirect Meat Man, Bandits
Boss Level 5 Goat Monster Icon.png Goat
Suggested Classes Human Guard.png Human Guard
Quests None

This is a very simple introductory dungeon with a level 1 Goblin Monster Icon.png Goblin, 2 level 1 Bandits, a level 2 Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man and a level 5 Goat Monster Icon.png Goat. Finishing the level is pretty straightforward, just kill all the level 1 Monsters to hit level 2, then kill the Meat Man Monster Icon.png Meat Man and attack the Goat Monster Icon.png Goat until it kills you, and you're done.

Note: Bandits in this dungeon are 2/4 and have no traits.