Tutorial 2

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Tutorial 2
File:Tutorial 2 Thumb.png
Difficulty Easy
Region Central
Population Warlocks, Goo Blobs
Boss Level 5 Goat Monster Icon.png Goat
Suggested Classes Human Guard.png Human Guard
Quests None

Another pretty straightforward dungeon, you kill a level 1 Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock, get a couple of Attack.png Attack powerups, kill another level 1 Warlock Monster Icon.png Warlock (one hit this time), get a couple of Health.png Health powerups, kill a level 1 Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob, get a couple of Mana.png Mana powerups, avoid the level 5 Goat Monster Icon.png Goat, and Retire early using the exit ladder.