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Postby Tompen on Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:51 pm

Thanks for a great game. I like everything except for the UI - it's very unintuitive, rough and awkward. Are there any current plans on improving upon it?

Examples of what I mean is:
* Unintuitive class / race selection after "Go adventuring" where I got stuck for a few minutes on my first beta play.
* Too many clicks and screen switches to navigate the "world screen" outside of the core game.
* Awkward inventory system with potions using up space as well as drag and drop to convert glyphs and items.
* No more keyboard movement in core game.

There are numerous other UI / usability things that I don't understand why they are implemented the way they are - but I'm hoping this is because you haven't gotten around to it yet!

All that aside, I really like the game (always liked that since early alphas) and the new art. Keep up the good work!
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