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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Lujo on Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:05 am

PQI Error? Sent me to Den of Danger or somewhere where I had everything, so I did the flaming Creeplight.

Flaming Creeplight Elf Sorcerer - Went with sorcerer to lower my chances to be stuck with him on all the warmonger runs. Went parched and unstoppable, but didn't prep anything massive. Balanced dagger is really nice on the sorc, as you can set up easy kills in the next tier while you prep a ding. Not sure about powerfull. Creeplight is less cramped than I remember it - I might be misremembering and confusing it with the old Eastern Tundra.

PQI Warmonger Halfling Assasin in Norther Desert Went Trisword + Taurog (+RBS in case of Goo Blob).

Gameflow Issue - There really ought to be some sort of Warmonger questline or something, because it's really difficult to get that badge naturally.

Taurog Idea I wouldn't mind Unstoppable Fury granting either Might or Phys Res erosion. Just a thought.

PQI Purist Goblin Sorcerer in Western Jungle Was fun, but having found a Soul Orb, much of the challenge was mitigted. Burning setting off plant spawning is still annoying, it's an even bigger annyance/hazard on bloodmage silver.

PQI Hoarder Dwarf Assasin in Cursed Oasis Was the crazyest run in a while. I mistakenly though I was missing both Hoarder and Miser, so I prepped the translocation scroll. Then I saw the Soul Orb in the backpack and picked it up due to Thralls, since I knew I was going Mysterea for the Weakenings. Then I saw that I was prepping Soul Orb and picked Patches up (o.O). And I prepped Mysterea for the Weakenings. Then RNG screwed me over by completely surrounding my prepped altar (with monsters)* so I ended up cursed and spent the entire game in the curse world, havin seel less than 1/4 of the map :D Leveled up off high level bandits, took 3 Weakenings to kill the wraith, went back to the real world to pick all the stuff up. Only thing left on the board were magic damage monsters, so I translocated the agnostic collar, desecrated Taurog (Hoarder), joined TT, Desecrated Mysterea, used whoopaz + dodge (prepped) on the dragon, cleaned popcorn up, picked up two sets of potions and did the dragon in. Ended up unstoppable, hoarder and miser, and only then realized that I wasn't missing Miser but DING! max :lol: Fun!

*Taurog's altar in the nothern desert was, however so well walled off that I had to explore half the map to go around the big stone blocks and the other end was guarded by lvl 6 guys. Took 3-4 monster kills for the terrain to change enough so I can reach him.

New Poison lets you do a neat trick where you can still get the assasin bonus if there is a sliver of poison left on the monster. (0 tiles, but he's still groggy I guess).
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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Sidestepper on Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:59 am

You can get Warmonger in Magma Mines with the fiery sword. Poke him once to start the burning, then ignite it off of someone else.
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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Lujo on Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:05 am

Sidestepper wrote:You can get Warmonger in Magma Mines with the fiery sword. Poke him once to start the burning, then ignite it off of someone else.

This used to be true, but I'm not sure you can even attack him now. PISSORFF doesn't let you even target the (EDIT) magic res one.

PQI Parched Orc Paladin in Shifting Passages Went cheeky, unstoppable and specialist as well, but I could've had more - I didn't really need to use HALPMEH, and I didn't need the Martyr Wraps. I could've played it regularly, since it's an ok run, but I prepped extra attack, GG and the potions, absolved everything, converted everything (only thing I bought were a late MW), regen fought SMM to death, and then killed Evolvia with little problems. I'm missing Faithless here.

LOL PQI set me up with a Faithless Vampire at Creeplight. This is sure to be tricky ^^ (On an unrelated note, I do have all the badges there, but at least the vamp is accurate).

PQI Faithless Vampire on Creeplight Ruins Despite the funny badge, it turned out to be tricky - took two tries, even. Prepped Fabulous Treasure on the first run, but was very careless with the way I play due to all the GG and multi-whopas runs leading up to this point. Even had HALPMEH, Vampiric blade and the subdungeon Draining Blade. On the second run I thought about it a bit, and, with the same preps, actually made good use of the reviving cultists as extra-bloodcows, and copious use if IMAWAL (big deal with the vampire as you really want to level up with as few kills as possible). V tough dungeon indeed (in a good way).

PQI Cheeky Dwarf Transmuter on Eastern Tundra Well, I really could've used the opportunity to try regular stuff out, but then I remembered that the boss has retaliate fireball and just prepped GG and roflstomped it by absolving everything. To make up for it, I bought the balanced dagger and used it to kill same lvl-undead post absolution, was probably suboptimal but notheless fun. Also, absolving everything on a GG dwarf... anything, makes Drac have no desecration penalty. This also means you can save your health potions and use them.

Transmuter Well, IS there any reason not to bump his conversion bonus per glyph cast by one?

Like: Finally, a goblin thief run where I haven't actually done a thief run - and with spot on badge too. Either the devs have fixed the PQI in a silent update, or I'm just lucky.

PQI Hoarder Goblin Thief in Magma Mines who also went faithless because I was missing the bage. Prepped transmutation seal to be able to free up inventory space if needed (also be able to knock down a wall without filling inventory space up). In retrospect just repping the compression seal would be enough, dooooh. Prepped mana boosters and apotechary, as well as dodge, whoopaz and skoodenfreudy. Slayer wand - I also alway take it on hoarder runs as it can be disposed off for some XP in a pinch (and was and it came in handy). Was moderatly challenging, would be rather tricky without the preps.

Magma Mines Relief <3 Apparently you can attack a physical immune monster and set burning off. I'm not sure it's working properly since a burning phys immune guy was only going to lose 1 HP while he had 2 stacks of burining on him, but at least it still works and you don't need GG... AT ALL <3

PQI Hoarder Vampire in Southern Swamp Was worried, but slightly glad it was Southern Swamp and not some dangeorus place. Prepped Balanced Dagger from backpack, which proved to be an excellent choice, but ultimatly won because of B2P interaction with sanguine and lifesteal. Had compression seal this time, and Slayer wand is nice on tricky hoarder runs.

PQI Unstoppable Goblin Rogue in Western Jungle Took health boosters, otherwise went purist, because... Anyway, found a soul orb right away, and then found TT. Joined at lvl1, converted a glyph, went to town. Stuck with TT, and if I had any sense in my head (or any need to think when I play the Rogue) I would've discovered that if I just fireballed the boss here I could've had millions and millions of TT piety by the end from dodges upon killing plants.

PQI Cheeky Gnome Berserker in Eastern Tundra - Cydstepp + Wheytwuted his way through the level. Preps were extra mana and the whoopases, so I chose to ignore the trisword I found in one of the shops untill a particularly magic resistent golem stuck a wrench in my routine. Was fun.

Magic Resistance Someone suggested reworking it to not randomy make APHEELSICK not work. I'm of the mind that with the largeish price of Wheytwut, it might not even be bad to simply make it a magic damage reducing ability. Not in love with the idea, but being randomly screwed over by golems and goats when using utility glyphs is something that happens way too often and is seriously annoying. No monster can dodge your physical attack, but they can (AND WILL! :D) dodge your IMAWAL.

PQI Miser Halfling Warlord in Slime Pits Prepped extra mana, trisword, whoopases, translocation and mysterea. Wasn't exactly tight - I had leftover Refreshment glyphs, a few potions and all that, but considering the "kill anything" preps on top of a repeatable cydstepp backed up with IMAWAL, I'd say it was a hard one. Playstyle was textbook Slime Pits - look for higher level meatmen beffore they corrode, and so on and so forth. A golem dodged my IMAWAL 3 times in a row -.-

Fail PQI - Sending me to Labyrinth with a miser Orc Fighter. I have both the fighter and miser done in there. I bet that Orc Fighter would've been chosen in any dungeon, why it chose this one I have no clue (All badges, 60% completion, same as 6 other sub-vicious). I'll do the flaming Venture Cave then.

Flaming Dwarf Priest in Venture Cave Picked up GG, had extra boosters prepped, absolved everything, converted everything, killed lord Gobb without Enlightment. OK, so I did use Bycepps.

PQI Miser Halfling Assasin in Creeplight Went in there with a Trisword and the whoopases. Didn't even need the actual whoopas, as I was doing more damage to the wraith by hand than by fireball. With an assasin. Ok, I did join Binlor for 3 Stone Heats and a bunch of stoneskins beforehand, so to be fair, I was only doing more damage by hand than a fireball at lvl 10 to a guy with 29% phys res with a guy who has -20% attack.

Next up is Faithless Goblin Rogue in doubledoom. I've been avoiding the Rogue after getting sick of him since he was my first unlock - I was so thrilled to find other stuff that works once I started unlocking gods and items.

PQI Faithless Goblin Rogue in Doubledoom Took a Namtar's Ward in there and had like, 6 dodges per boss. Also took extra health.

Note I ought've called this thread "The cheeze pantry".

PQI Warmonger Elf Berserker on Havendale Bridge Brought only GG and the Whoopases. Bought one healing potion, otherwise miser, and had 0 benefits from converting stuff except GG piety. Won without enlightment.

Cool PQI managed to find the one place where the quests didn't send me to as a wizard ^^ Ick Swamp! And I'm missing hoarder there too, which is easier to get with wizards ^^

PQI Hoarder Orc Wizard in Ick Swamp Took every inch of resources I had, including the Whoopases. I could've and should've prepped better - mysterea would've been a better deal provided I had Soul Orb, but nontheless, awesome run. Too many details to list.
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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Lujo on Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:59 pm

Bonus Bravery II - Tinker With Crystal Ball and extra mana prepped did it. Found TT and the bonus subdungeon was the monster zoo, leveled up off a glyph conversion and went to work. Used IMAWAL to level, CB and GETINDARE to kill above, fireballed the goo with the help of a ding and mana potions, picked up 4 hits of poison strike, joined binlor and picked up platemail and proceeded to pummel the SMM with poison and repeated BYCEPSS hits which got me knocback right when it was all over. Forgot I had whoopaz, and I traslocated the Dragon Soul for the fireballing. No badges at all, but very satisfying expirience non the less.

Bonus Bravery II - Transmuter Picked up the dragon soul out of the backpack, prepped mysterea and stuck with her. Found balanced dagger and combined it with WONNAFYT to level up VERY efficently (not having to explore at all and fighting stuff your own size will do that). Used APHEELSICK and a barrage of Mystic Balance fireballs (took 2 mana on top of that for a 3 fireball mana pool) to take down the goo, and THEN I found CB in the shops. Picked it up, and proceeded to burn down SMM with a newly picked up refreshment (and a whoopaz). Killing him made the meat man start corroding, but I was out of there ^^

Bonus Bravery III - Crusader Was crazy awesome! Went in with Dragonshield, patches and drac prepped, picked up the fake lvlup boon, and killed a bunch of stuff (focusing on magic stuff and staying away from undead). Even used IMAWAL (and in retrospect one level of lifesteal wouldn't've hurt). Got to lvl 7 somehow stuck at 33% resists. Then used whoopaz on SMM and APHEELSICK regen fought him to death using up all the exploration. Then I did the biggest strat switch I've ever seen or herd about - I hit the goo and downed a few health potions, then converted 2 for piety. I the DESECRATED BINLOR. O.O. Then converted everything but Burndayraz and went over to Mysterea, picked up 2 hits of magic, went down to the subdungeon and picked up Elven Boots off the Zombie, picked up dragon soul, picked up mage plate, picked up battle mage ring, picked up flames, picked up schadenfraude - and dinged. Goo went down to my 29 mana mana pool (patches didn't give any res but handed out mana all the while). Wow.
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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Lujo on Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:57 pm

Ok, so general notes:

Final sub-vicious badge was Faithless on Shifting passages, and it's probably telling something. I did it with ease with a gnome warlord who found a keg of mana, and the other boss was bleaty, and I had a soul orb, and I prepped a tri-sword. It's about as cheezy an approach as you can find, probably the cheezies by a wide margin because I used a more specific but not as ppowerfull to pick up the vicious badge in CO.

CO Note Codex using sorcerer of EM had a very easy time, and retaliate fireball from the codex doesn't seem to stack with retaliate fireball allready on bosses, so anyone dead set on fireballing stuff that retaliates on it's own is greatly boosted by this thing.

Spellcasting Between weakenings and Mysterea in general, and Codex + EM, I'm not sure there IS anything you can't fireball to death if you know what you're doing.

Avatar's Codex is lots of fun.

Vicious Badge - Is acquireable in all sub-vicious dungeons by goblin sorcerer worshipers of Mysterea, and where it's not, by genereal cheeze. Looking forward to seeing other strats enabled, and suspect fireballing will see some tweaks. Maybe will, maybe won't, no skin of my posterior - it makes you work for you sucess.

New Bloodmage Works in mysterious ways.

Blue bead got me thinking about something, and I'll make a relaxed thread about it but my internet connection made me lose a huge and fun textwall - sort of "happy fun times guide to the blue bead" kind of thing. I'm sad about that.

Creeplight Ruins - needs looking at, if for no other reason then because some mechanics work differently than in both other dungeons of the same tier, and in other dungeons with multi-form bossess (NL comes to mind). It's also pretty damned hard unless you pack something excessive, which means it's pretty hard for a lot more stuff than there is stuff that can deal with it.

Warlords could take a nerf and not notice. Repeatable cydstepp with 50% attack practicaly guaranteed is waaaaay out there.

Dungeons which were unbearably frustrating on vicious mode before I gave in and reached for cheeze CO took five tries before I caved in, Hex as well (wasn't yet used to the mode but still), Creeplight (was used to the mode but took many tries), Slime Pits (took everything a vet could possibly weaponize - is doable and all that, but was markedly harder than other places). Other places went down to pretty much the same approach, so I can't tell what they look like - maybe they shaft other approaches but I was using the one they don't.

Shades just by being in a dungeon add a bigass hazard. Also a luck based one, and lately they've been blinking into the fog a lot so I got to see a lot of "worst case scenario's" with them, and they really mess you up. Proper LEMISI use and all that, I know, but still - I'd love to know if they are taken into account by the devs when assessing the difficulty of any place. They really dictate your gameplay.

Sub-Vicious Completion - All at 68-72%, with the Den of Danger and Venture Cave at 100%, Shifting Passages at 75% and Hobbler's at 65%. Two extra locker slots, Bank at 40 000 gold cap, no extra veto slots.

Locker: Dragonshield, Codex, Cauldron, Namtar's Ward, Fabulous Treasure, Trisword and Crystal Ball. One slot free, I have Soul Orb in there currently, but I put the bead, fire heart or viper ward in there occasionaly.

Veto: Spoon, Rock Heart, Pendant of Health, Hero's Helm. Considering taking the health pendant out for the codex and B2P strats, and Rock Heart for PISSORFF and conversion. Would have to really think about what to veto.
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Re: Playthrough notes

Postby Lujo on Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:54 pm

Dwarves - Keg of Health is a nice thing to locker if expecting Dwarves in your PQI. The stacking health per level bonus is really, really strong with enough health potions, and I would've known this before, too, if it wasn't for the locker bussiness.

Shears - Leave plant drops behind, very nice. The 10 health they add are also nice. Trick is filling up your inventory first.

Dragonsoul - works really well with paladins, apparently. Not sure if anyone tried. Should be a hoot with halpmeh monks as well ^^ Well, I'm not going to complain about it, but it's a crazy ass item. I'm not complaining, now or ever.

Codex - I'm overusing it in combination with EM. It's not too easy to pull off, but doing it carelessly still saves me enough resources to beat sub-vicious stuff by throwing everything at them. I frequently "run out" of EM piety due to forgetting to spam IMAWAL or even pay attention to what's happening, so I can't even tell how "strong" the actual strat truly is. I'm mainly using it for guaranteed Gorgon, Priest and Monk PQI/Flaming/Completion, but I also use it on any run where nothing I have lockered has apparent sinergy with the required race/class or classes I never managed to figure out due to never having something that works with them lockered. Lots of fun, though, everyone should try it.
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