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Re: Mix and Match Custom Classes

Postby Murdus on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:26 am

Death Knight (Dracul inspired):

SANGUINE: 15% health regen on pool, +1 mana per pool, chugging manapotions boosts it.
DIAMOND BODY (undead body?): 50% starting physical resistance, 75% max cap
DETERMINED: 30% bonus damage when below 50% health

A fighter that benefits a lot from staying on low health, with controlled regeneration capabilities, highly benefitting from (almost) all of Dracul's boons. Regenning via pools allows it to cast low-cost glyphs, and to keep it's health high enough to tank, and B2P allows the Champion to keep it's health on controlled (below 50%) levels.

EDIT: I'm actually having a lot of fun mix and matching... Expect a lot more during the day. Probably god-thematic custom classes. Love the idea of those.

Conduit (Mystera Annur inspired):
DRAGON BREATH: Fiery breath means normal attacks deal magical damage.
SPIRIT SWORD: Reaching conversion treshold drains mana and temporarily increases base damage (5+mana drained).
REFRESHMENT: Reaching conversion treshold regenerates 50% of your maximum mana.
(In this order.)

Thematic idea only. I have no clue how to actually leverage it.
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Re: Mix and Match Custom Classes

Postby Naoya on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:27 pm

POISONED BLADE: Starts with the APHEELSIK, gains 40% bonus damage to poisoned enemys. Starts with -20% bonus damage.
SAPPHIRELOCKS: Naturally poisonous strike, petrifies Enemys, starts with ENDISWALL glyph.
HOLY HANDS: Starts with HALPMEH glyph, gain 1 extra health per level from HALPMEH

Besides the fact that it has a crap-ton of free glyphs for conversion, it looks like an awesome regenfighter. Might need a compression seal or 2, tho.
I would probably switch HOLY HANDS for GOOD GOLLY (100% against undead) , if there are many undead.

On a side note, shouldn't ''gains 40% bonus damage to poisoned enemys '' rather be "gains 40% bonus damage against poisoned enemys" ?
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Re: Mix and Match Custom Classes

Postby The Avatar on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:17 am

Cursed One:
Hand to Hand: -2 base per level, -50% attack
Damned: No gods, 1 hp regen per tile always, exhausted when not at full health
Fragile (or whatever it's called): -5 hp per level, +40% attack.

A class with -2 base per level, 5 health per level and -10% attack on top of having the best two resources ruined (gods and blackspace). Good luck!

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Re: Mix and Match Custom Classes

Postby Murdus on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:41 am

Scoundrel (TT inspired class):

NEGOTIATOR: Items cost 5 gold less in shops
LIGHT FOOT: Exploring the area around a monster gives the player first strike
VETERAN: Learning 1, needs 10% less XP to level up

Butcher (Taurog inspired class):

MOMENTUM: Successive killing blows add 15% bonus damage, leveling up or losing momentum halves bonus.
SPELLKILL: +50% starting Magic Resistance.
COURAGEOUS: drinking a Mana potion grants you Might for your next attack.

Ram (Binlor inspired class):

DRAGON TAIL: Starts with 20% Knockback.
SAPPHIRE LOCKS: Naturally poisonous strikes, petrifies enemies, starts with ENDISWAL glyph
MAGESLAY: Activated glyphs cost 2 more mana to cast (Except ENDISWAL or PISORF), but starts with 20% attack bonus.

Chaos Knight (Jehora inspired class):

EVASIVE: Starts with 20% Dodge.
SCARRED: Immune to Poison, Mana Burn, and Curses.
SURVIVOR: Potions restore both Health AND Mana.

Druid (Earthmother inspired class):

ESSENCE TRANSIT: Every mana point spent regenerates 2 health
HOLY HANDS: Starts the dungeon session with the HALPMEH glyph
DRAGON BREATH: Magic attack

Inquisitor (Glowing Guardian inspired class):

GOOD GOLLY: +100% attack against undead.
HOLY SHIELD: +25% starting Physical resistance.
SPIRIT SWORD: Hitting the conversion threshold drains mana and temporarily increases base damage (5+mana drained)

Devout (Pactmaker inspired class):

MARTYR: Extra altar in dungeon, which is guaranteed to be the Pactmaker.
HOLY WORK: Cannot switch religions, god boons cost 20% less and gods will not punish for piety dropping to 0
ARCANE KNOWLEDGE: +5 maximum mana

EDIT: Added the rest.
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Re: Mix and Match Custom Classes

Postby echephron on Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:58 pm

My Glowing Guardian holy warrior class would have some set of these traits:
1)Scarred: no mana burn, poison, or curses (because GG auto heals them cuz he loves this guy)
2)Good Golly: +100% undead killing.
3)Good Health:+3hp/level This is either for GG or plant lady
4)(Magic) Spirit Sword: Normal Spirit sword(drain mana->attack on conversion level), but the attack deals magic damage instead.
5)Inner Focus:GG is the god most about conversion points.
Maybe Holy Hands too, but I'm not convinced.

Probably 1,2,and 4. I know 1 doesnt synergize well with GG, but THEME MAN!

Also I thought GG hated when you use items, but he never complained when I use Fire Heart.
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