bug:Magic Affinity+Refreshment

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bug:Magic Affinity+Refreshment

Postby Xpyder on Fri May 24, 2013 7:04 pm

Haven't tested how reproducable this is.

Plan: Stack Wizard:Magic Affinity + Mysteria Annur: Refreshment
Result: Magic Affinity stops providing bonus conversion points

Current setup:
Orc Wizard
Level 9: 22/45xp
Favor: 28
Gold: 11
Conversion points: 20
Damage: 62 (69 -10%)
Health: 133/133
Mana: 9/16

Magic Sense
Magic Affinity
Magic Attunement
Alchemist's Pact
Physical Resist 65%
Stone skin: 5
Corrosion: 1

Current Items:
Glyph: (Fireball)
Glyph: (Biceps)
Glyph: (Teleport)
Mana Potion x4
Health Potion x1
Perserverance Badge

I took Extra Glyph power. At start it didn't seem to reduce conversion value on potions, nor did it cancel/reduce conversion bonus from Magic Affinity when checking potion conversion ratio (Drag and Hover over conversion to check, didn't actually convert a potion with only 1-2 glyphs)

I recycled a bunch of items already, only stopped once I realized I wasn't getting the right conversion ratios.
I grabbed refreshment after recycling a lot of non-glyph stuff, I think conversion was working prior but I wasn't looking for it specifically since I checked potion conversions at the start
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Re: bug:Magic Affinity+Refreshment

Postby dislekcia on Sun May 26, 2013 12:21 pm

Magic Affinity "pulls" 10 conversion points out of each Glyph in your inventory every time you convert something and adds that the the conversion amount you get. That means that if you convert enough things, you won't gain bonus conversion anymore because the Glyphs you have will be at 0 conversion already, plus when you convert those, they won't give you anything later.

The idea with Magic Affinity is to still encourage conversion-based play while allowing Wizards to keep Glyphs around.
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Re: bug:Magic Affinity+Refreshment

Postby Xpyder on Fri May 31, 2013 6:31 pm

Ok, that makes sense but isn't clear in the description of the ability.

Could the wording be changed to clarify this?
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