Idea for a mid-fight-lvlup puzzle

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Idea for a mid-fight-lvlup puzzle

Postby Dreamdancer on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:42 pm

From the 'Disappointed...' thread, i got the idea for a puzzle concerning mid-fight-lvlups.
For discussion i think it's better to make a new topic. So here we go:

For the ding spike one could do a puzzle. Following idea:

Have a boss with berzerk and some minions.
One would need to kill the minions to lvlup (-> 2), so one can survive on hit from the boss.
Problem: The boss does too much damage to hit him a second time.
If one hits the boss the first time, he shouts 'Defend me, my minions'.
-> Kill some minions for lvlup (-> 3) *Remark
Hit boss. From berzerk does too much damage for a final strike (Boss shouts: 'Damn minions, i think i should fight myself.' -> This is a fluff-text that berzerk gets activated.)
Kill rest of minons for another lvlup (-> 4)
Kill boss

Remark: After lvlup to 3, one could kill the rest of the minions for the lvlup to 4. This would be a trap, since lvl4 health is not sufficient to kill the boss.

I don't know if it's too obvious... If so, one could try to hide the solution somewhat. But i would think that this puzzle teaches mid-fighting-lvlup and has also a nice story.

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Re: Idea for a mid-fight-lvlup puzzle

Postby The Avatar on Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:37 pm

A bit too simple, at least compared to current puzzles. I'd build it something like this:


You start with BURNDAYRAZ, BICEPS, a shield, and a cracked amulet.

Key: #=Wall
•=Empty Space (Revealed)
b=Level 2 bandit with 5 hp and 6 attack, curse
G=Level 2 goblin with 12 hp, 4 attack, first strike
s=Level 2 snake with 12 hp, 6 attack, and poisonous
m=Level 1 meat man with 30 hp and 3 attack
z=Level 1 zombie with 11 hp and 2 attack
g=Level 1 gorgon with 1 hp, 5 attack, first strike, and death gaze 50%
d=Level 3 Cursed Dragon (BOSS) with 73 hp, 16 attack, and curse

I promise this is doable (assuming I got my math right), and it also doubles as a curse and more comprehensive mid-fight level up tutorial (showing what is good popcorn, what is bad popcorn, and what popcorn to kill when).

Here is the solution (although I encourage you to solve it yourself first):
Level 1: Use BICEPS, hit the level 2 goblin, use BURNDAYRAZ on the level 2 Bandit, use BICEPS, kill the level 2 goblin and burning pop-off kills the bandit too.
Level 2: BURNDAYRAZ the boss, kill the level 1 gorgon, use BICEPS, hit the boss, use BICEPS, kill the level 1 zombie, use the cracked amulet.
Level 3: BURNDAYRAZ the boss, use BICEPS, hit the boss, kill the level 2 snake, use BICEPS, kill the boss.

What do you guys think? Is it too hard?
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