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Final 3 Golds

Postby Kingdom of One on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:58 pm


I must have tried this before as I remembered the mechanic. I personally don't like the heavily luck based runs so didn't particularly enjoy it. When you win you just feel like you got lucky and when you lose you feel like it wasn't completely your fault. I'm going to assume there are people that enjoy a run like this otherwise I'd give it a lower score.



Wow. I don't know how that one worked but it did. It felt like it should be easy but I managed to mess up many many times - each time feeling like I would have completed it if I wasn't so monumentally stupid. It has a puzzle/challenging feel and it's difficult to pull off (maybe not but it was for me) even when you've got a strategy. Stretches the limits of the class but in an interesting way!

I imagine there will be others that thought this was a little easy but it just happened to play out perfectly for me in terms of difficulty.



I completed it with 'feeling parched' and 'hoarder' without really trying. It wasn't interesting or fun. Working out what was going on wasn't enjoyable (I'm guess you had to hit with 30% or greater momentum - but maybe it's less…). I get the feeling that it's bugged and something is meant to happen once you kill them all.


Some really nice challenges in the full set and some that didn't quite work. It's a shame about the failed ones because the challenges feel like a really nice design space to create something interesting. The good ones were really fun.

I've just noticed I haven't touched Namtar's Lair so I guess I'll try that before moving on to a full clear of a vicious dungeon - maybe Dragon Isles - that seemed to be the most straight forward.
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