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Re: Warmonger Strategies

Postby Grakor456 on Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:41 am

Blovski wrote:@Wargasm, Half-dragons are alright. You are sort of dependent on positioning, so if you get a boss like Ironman somewhere you can't feasibly knock him into anything it gets grim quite quickly.

I tend to still like Taurog Half-Dragons for getting Warmonger on certain maps. It's a pretty decent way to get it in places like Slime Pit, since Half-Dragon is one of the few ways to take out a Tower of Goo without glyphs easily.
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Re: Warmonger Strategies

Postby Sidestepper on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:04 am

Halfling Monk of Taurog works as well. Bring a Really Big Sword and a Compression Seal (but don't use the seal on the RBS, because you'll want to ditch that thing eventually). Dragonshield or Dwarven Gauntlets as your locker item, and don't forget Extra Attack. Since you're converting all your glyphs, you get a pile of potions, and you can engineer high level kills that even the orc can't manage. RBS and Taurog mean that you don't need to fear Tower of Goo, Tormented One, or Bleaty, who are the usual showstoppers for Warmonger runs. Firstborn is still a problem, but with Taurog's Helm, 12-ish health potions and a bunch of death protections, I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Patches is very good for this run if you can stand the loss of Bet on Boss. Manaburn doesn't matter to you, and poison is easily dismissed when you're a conversion-happy halfling. If you get even one dose of resistance from Patches, then it was worth it. A +4% bonus when you're already at 65% is roughly a 10% reduction in actual damage, which is pretty great.
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Re: Warmonger Strategies

Postby Wargasm on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:08 am

Sidestepper wrote:Firstborn is still a problem, but with Taurog's Helm, 12-ish health potions and a bunch of death protections, I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Hm. Challenge her to a race through small, cramped tunnels far more suitable to human size than dragon size? Parcheesi? Forfeits?
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Re: Warmonger Strategies

Postby OneMoreNameless on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:15 pm

I'd used the orc-rogue-GG combo before with glyph support, but decided to give it a go warmonger in the Hex Ruins. I prepped hard, then for lack of damage-boosting shop items started buying and converting things on sight. The end result was a lot more ridiculous than I'd expected; I was one-hit killing some enemies three levels above me (after Humility) and ended with a total attack of 165 with half my inventory still empty. By leaving one or two revenants trailing behind until I leveled again, I never took a single hit or spent any resources to kill them. Even the random boss turned out to be the snake whose name I can't spell. It was all a little silly.
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