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Janky Locker Items

Postby Sidestepper on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:00 am

I'm interested in people's strategies for the weirder lockerables. I'm talking about those funky, hard to find subdungeon items and other items that don't end up in the shop pool and aren't completion rewards for specific dungeons.

Sensation Stone: I think everyone knows about this one. It's super easy to get, so it just barely counts.
Mass09's Ledger: This is a very strong item, almost a minor artifact. It's rare, so when i find it, it gets a permanent home in my locker.
Fabulous Treasure: You can get it with 100% reliability from Thief Gold, but lots of people don't know about it because it doesn't seem like the sort of thing you'd be allowed to locker.
Pepper the Dog: This can be easily taken from Priest Bronze, but like Fabulous Treasure, it often gets overlooked because you don't expect it to be lockerable. It's a good way to add a little bit of kick to your orc priest runs. Since it's so easy to replace, you can discard when you're done and it's no big deal.
Titan Guitar: On my current (and hopefully final) profile, I scummed the western dungeons aggressively until I found this. It's like having an alternative gamemode. It changes everything. Use it to get rid of annoying mazes. Use it to make Earthmother more viable. Use it with a Goblin Fighter of Tikki Tooki to create the ultimate King of Ding.
Spoon: Yes, the spoon. While I would never keep it in a mature kingdom, I found it was great when starting out. Its prep cost is zero and that one point of damage is the same as a 20% boost at first level.

EDIT: I just noticed that the Ritual Scroll and the Long Rant are both lockerable. It's hard to recommend the Ritual Scroll over the Dragon Shield, but the Long Rant has potential.
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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby OneMoreNameless on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:08 pm

I'd forgotten about the Titan Guitar. I made the mistake of actually trying it out the one and only one time that I've ever found it, and now ... *throws up hands*

Sensation Stone is boring and Pepper the Dog is too niche for me to bother with. Fabulous Treasure I've yet to earn. I, too, bade a tearful farewell to my first locker-love Spoon a while back but I can never say no to it when it shows up in stores. <3 Otherwise, if it's janky locker items that you want, a trip to Tinker Silver should bring you in a haul of not-technically-useless preps. Ritual Scroll (use for 5% resists, +1 max MP, 3x curse) could be worthwhile if you wanted a small boost without clogging your inventory, right?

Mass09's Ledger though, that hasn't left my locker since the first time (of ... two) that I found it. I find it easily the most amusing item to prep in an angrily-flip-the-table-under-your-dungeon kind of way, but systematically exploiting it feels kinda like cheating even if its effect isn't honestly as powerful as other preps with the right class. Hey! Let me dig out of my recycle bin for you a scrapped joke advertisement that I was writing while initially messing around with it. I am not even joking about this:

Trouble in the Dungeon?

Are you setting out for long adventures only to BLOW your blackspace TOO QUICKLY? Having trouble FINDING just that RIGHT SPOT to make a kill? Can't get your stats UP when it counts? DON'T feel ashamed! Studies have shown that over NINE OUT OF TEN adventurers have suffered from troubles locating an enemy species or level for their needs. For years, adventurers JUST LIKE YOU have suffered from the MENTAL STRAIN of choosing between suboptimal targets and suffering THE consequences OF their poor deCISions. UNTIL NOW!

Introducing ... MASS09's LEDGER! (tm) A revolutionary new locker preperation that puts the 'vent' back into 'adventurer' and gets you enemies where you want, when you want. (tm) "But how ever does it work?" you must wonder. Well, it's actually very easy! Every factory sealed Mass09's Ledger comes with a three-step InfoPower DocuWinGuide (tm), but for today's lucky readers I'll be sharing a portion of that power (knowledge) for free! STEP ONE: Left click on the inventory slot containing your Mass09's Ledger. [...] It's that easy!

Editor's Note: For legal reasons I must state that Mass09's Ledger's actual power is to shuffle all monster positions in the main dungeon.

So how much would you expect to pay for this incredibly important item? 30 gold? Perhaps even 50 gold? NO! For a single dungeon run with Mass09's Ledger you will pay only 10, no typo, 10 paltry gold!* (*Plus up to or over twenty five easy payments of 0.99-recurring gold usage fees. Unlockered lockerable Mass09's Ledger not included.) If you could convert that into even a fraction of the blackspace you'd be saving then it's figuratively like we'd be literally giving them away! Still not convinced that Mass09's Ledger is the right prep for you? Worried that the resulting loss of potential raw damage, health or mana from other items compared to a strictly situational advantage might ultimately set you back against the compulsary bosses? DON'T BE! Here's just a handful of the many, many situations where Mass09's Ledger could be just perfect for you to take the upper hand or flagrantly ignore what is usually a significant dungeon obstacle or primary game component:

* Playing a warlord with great spiking potential, but can't afford to waste blackspace to reach higher level enemies? Mass09's Ledger will instantly scatter their balanced layout for you!
* Can't decide whether to convert a glyph you might need for a random boss? Mass09's Ledger them into view, then Mass09's Ledger them away again for good measure!
* Revenant hoards hemming you in and draining resources? Mass09 Ledger those nasties until you're high enough level to just gib them in one shot!
* Shifting passages blocked your path back to an altar? Mass09's Ledger freely as you skip through now-empty segments of the dungeon!
* Did Binlor tear down the very walls you needed to knock enemies back into? Mass09 Ledger them, they'll land near one eventually!
* Planning to regen fight a boss and can't risk uncovering them last? Mass09's Ledger has your back!
* Wussy enemies keep blinking away? Mass09's Ledger them right back before they recover!
* Went overboard with Earthmother's boons? Mass09's Ledger says otherwise!
* Troll blocking your bridge? Mass09's Ledger will shoo it away!
* Rex troubles? Mass09's Ledger solutions!
* Enem- Mass09's Ledger!

All the time. For everything.
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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby Lujo on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:49 pm

Uuuuh, nice subject ^^

Are you interested in only those or other janky stuff / weird locker considerations? I'd hate to see it devolve into a "yeah, but x is more powerful" or "that locker slot is reserved for y cuz math".

Sensation Stone: Weeeell, I sort of broke it, as you may know, back when it gave a bigger CP boost. I sort of measure it against the Fabulous Treasure and in fact end up lockering and using it sometimes (In fact it's in my locker right now and that's a feat TBH) ^^ Thing is that sometimes the gold boost from the treasure is overkill, and the gold you get from the stone is enough and the CP amplified by a transmutation stone is also very nice. So if I want an immediate gold and CP boost with no exploration (or popcorn mopping such as from Midas Gloves) I like to take it along. There's no specific strat, but it translates into getting some extra CP and being able to pick up an item from the shop - if you have prep money to blow it's very nice and not powergamey.

Mas09 Ledger: My first reaction to it was "Dear god, this thing is unbelievably broken". Then I tried it, and it was incredibly broken. Then I gave it up and went checking other stuff out, because the way that it's powerful is sort of always the same - with a bit of RNG luck you have a strange mega wonnafyt. Saves a ton of exploration, let's you cherry pick targets, messess up the dreaded and hated blinkers and lifestealers and blinking lifestealers. Hilarious with monks, interesting with fighters. It was always on my "got to have a binge of this one day" mental list. I also suspect it's less broken than it seems, but that could still mean it's very, very powerful.

EDIT: XD XD XD :D :D :D :_D OneMoreNameless I want my children to have children with your childern XD That is so very accurately what passed through my mind when I first saw it. And every other time that I saw it. EDIT: And I never for the love of god could figure out why you just get it handed to you in the subdungeon while way less powerful stuff has you jumping through hoops o.O

Fabulous Treasure: Eh... If they hadn't nerfed Tribute from 10 gold for 10 piety to 15 gold for 10 piety, this thing would be off the charts. The way it is it's a decent bucket of TT piety and it means you don't really have to worry about money when purchasing items. If you want to go moderately silly with TT it's the best prep there is, if you want to go CP heavy and do a whole shop buyout it's the best prep there is, except when sensation stone is the moderate option. I love it on vampires for the buyout, it's nice in conjunction with the Alchemy prep because you're guaranteed to pick all the potions up and I guess it's good with the elite items prep (allthough you'll still potentially run out of gold). Supreme Slayer via TT makes it a dooooh... It's a niche prep, but a fun one.

Pepper the Dog: You know what, I never ever lockered it. Can you in fact locker the other items from that challenge? I know how it works, but it's large and it's only really relevan for the priest, but I was having so much fun with Avatar's Codex priests that I never felt like lockering it.

Titan's Guitar Oh, god, the shennanigans! :D I actually use this when I really want to do a vicious PQI with a specific weird strat and want to have freedom of movement (and avoid binlor). It's an alternate game mode, for sure. However, it really clues you into how restrictions aren't a bad thing - it's very easy to have no sense of direction without walls and a lot of exploration you gain by prepping it you waste. I also used it to clear all missing runs on the Labyrinth while testing out the deeper end of the PQI, since I really wanted that place out of the PQI. It's a godsend on Dragon Isles* if you want to try silly strats.

*The reason it's better on Dragon Isles and Doubledoom is that prepping it doesn't remove the basic shape of the level with destroying restrictions, it just removes the walls which are always in the middle of the "isles". This lets you move more freely whereas before you'd be stuck having to get past enemis which can be resource intensive. It also opens up the secret subdungeon for sure. If it just removes, say, all walls on a map you can really waste all the exploration that would give you, or in some cases more exploration than you gain by having no walls.

Spoon Yeah, free prep is free, what can I say - it's only real flaw is that it takes up a shop space, otherwise why not? I keep it around for a while too.

Long rant It's lockerable? Hmmmmmmmm. XD I'd prep it just so I could put "I have a Long Rant in my locker" as my signature, but it would be bad taste. Acid Caster sinergy is obvious, and +3 damage on everything is actually pretty good.

Now my contributions:

Naga Cauldron This thing is in fact good and fun, and you can play a warlord with it. I whish it worked with Thieves, too, and priests rock with it. I don't play elves very often (or at all it seems), but if you're going for an explosive mana pool and don't depend on an item prep, I think it could be good, but if you're going for an "endless health potions" build with halflings it's really nice. Pair up with RBS to give yourself slow strike, get cursed, get weakened, get corroded (JJ will do that for you), and enjoy the overheal. Bring patches along.

Crumbling Ward This is an obscure pendant which you can find in the south I think, it can be consumed for +15 piety. I find it nice, and it was much nicer when all the piety farm gods weren't all the rage.

Bound Sword +15% damage, but can't be converted. It's overshadowed by the Dwarven Gauntlets, but if it wasn't, it's probaby be in a lot of lockers.

Elven Boots Wheytwut? What's obscure about them? Well, you can find them very early in the game in the graveyard subdungeon. It's an easy way to make all your early spellcaster runs pretty breezy way before you can realisticaly unlock the elite items.

Mage Plate If I'm going spellcasting, I'm not gonna say no to +4 or 5 mana. The damage reduction doesn't apply to pissorff damage, so it can be rather good. Before I knew abot the Elven Boots thing I was happy with it, I whish elites weren't preppable...

Keg of Health Prep it on a dwarf. Just saying.

I'm sure I could come up with more, and I'm sure I could come up with particular strats, this was just comments and sort of expanding the list if possible. God, I'm so curious about what other people have come up with ^^

EDIT: Oh, Oh, one more!

Bogus Slayer Wand - Isn't there a bogus slayer wand that leaves behind a bigass Animated Armor? I'd locker that thing if I ever found it again if possible to be able to bring 2 slayer wands into a pissorff run. If you remember the time when due to a bug the regular slayer wand left an AA behind? I didn't realize it was a bug and I liked it XD If that AA isn't no-XP it would mean I get to one shot one guy, and then kill another guy, lots of fun to be had...
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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby Sidestepper on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:48 pm

I just realized that Titan Guitar can be used to defoilate Ick Swamp. It slows the plants, meaning that you can cut down the poison mushrooms, manaburn bushes, and even the barbing bushes without harm. The curse plants still do their thing because they don't need to hit you to affect you, and the corrosion ones still leave an acid pool (although they lose their ability to corrode you directly). Still, with 4 of the 6 plants types now being completely harmless, you will almost always be able to find a safe path.
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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby The Avatar on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:05 pm

What? Are you serious? I'm pretty sure that's a bug, but it's so weird it might be intentional. Well, either way, good find. Who new Ick Swamp could be so easy?
We made an expansion and it is awesome. Really, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for some extra challenge.

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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby Lujo on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:07 pm


I would never have guessed it.


Naga Cauldron: Prep on a Halfling with EM also prepped. Either prep RBS and kill a corrosive plant, or plan to get yourself 2 debuffs that will stick for +10% on your potion power. Find Cydstepp. Enjoy being a warlord on top of what you allready are. That other thread might get lost, this one is likely to stay around.
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Re: Janky Locker Items

Postby Wargasm on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:19 pm

The only reason Entanglement doesn't do the same thing is EM specifically doesn't target plants, Avatar.
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