Hints for vicious dungeons?

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Re: Hints for vicious dungeons?

Postby The Avatar on Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:51 am

Weyt, wut? It takes 159 hp with 65% resists to take a hit from one boss. At level 5 with 5 conversions (as a dwarf) that is already 147 (the level has 3 extra health boosters). If you take consensus and then warrior pact for even more health that only takes 12 kills. Also, if you can usually spike one of the three with potions. Its always been rather straightforward IMO. Are you remembering to take consensus before the warriors pact? Also, your numbers just don't add up. A level 9 with 5 conversions and 6 boosters from the map has 189 which far exceeds the necessary 158.
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Re: Hints for vicious dungeons?

Postby Wargasm on Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:16 am

I guess I must have somehow gotten cursed or something because yeah, I had 189 life and it still showed "DEATH" in the prediction.

EDIT: And now, FOUR times in a row, ENDISWAL has ended up in a narrow hall behind one of the Triad! Yay! Without any preps, there's 100% no way to retrieve it. Man I love using strategy and careful play to get screwed over by dumb luck over and over. :/ [/bitterness]

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