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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby JayPlaysIndieGames on Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:41 pm

Used ticki tooki (unprepped) to successfully complete the demonic library. I know a lot of you guys are probably like "so what? ticki tooki is amazing!" but he is one of the gods I usually see and absolutely avoid. (ticki and jehora are ussually just broadly ignored by me, while binlor gets used in passing or if I have a specific plan). So figuring out how to be successful with ticki on a vicious dungeon makes me happy :)
He might be the missing link I need for a successful VGT run. . .
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby Wargasm on Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:17 pm

Tikki, if done right, is just plain brokenly good. You should have seen him when GETINDARE offered dodge prediction. I'm sad to see that gone, but mostly because I was doing broken, broken things with Rogues + TT + GETINDARE.

Even now, though, you can use him to set up situations where your popcorn bowls give +2 XP and massive piety spikes and get 3 or more sets of Quicksilver/Reflex potions and turn any high damage class into absolutely brutal killers. Dodging a hit while delivering two is three effective strikes, so far as attrition goes. For things like Bleaty or Aequitas, that can go so far as "if you survive one hit, you win." If you're already making regular use of GETINDARE, you may not even need to take the one hit.

My problem is that TT's prep cost is vicious in its own right, and he only seems to naturally show up when I'm playing regen-fighters, which are the one of the few strats TT is just plain not going to work with. I did prep him to get DING! Max in Hobbler's Hold, though. Without a Yendor, even.

JJ's actually very awesome in the right circumstances. Yes, you generally have to find him early. Yes, one of his boons is "please stop screwing me like a two-dicked billy goat." Yes, sometimes if you're playing a Monk or Gorgon, a single early dose of Weakening can screw your run. Yes, there's another boon which may or may not work.

But then the other three boons are "trade a health pot for two free Health Pendants", "trade a mana pot for three MA Magic boons" and "gain a level, gain 100cp, be entirely stripped of all corrosion and weakening effects including those JJ or everything in the Slime Pit gave you, and screw all enemies' resists by 20%." It can very much win a run on its own. Provided you can get the 50 piety after, you can even convert out after. Or sometimes you can do something like start on Taurog or Binlor, get whatever you want from them, get 90+ piety, convert to JJ, and immediately get Petition. JJ's set up like he is to keep people from going "Welp, join, health boon, mana boon, convert out."
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby Lujo on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:38 am

Err, devs, could we get this thread stickied?

And also:



I raise you a Tower of Goo :ugeek:
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby OneMoreNameless on Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:18 am

Thanks to a determined crusader and with a little help from the Teddy That Could ... also the orb of zot (I may have a problem) ... I've now unlocked the half-dragon! One monster class down, two to go. Slowly but surely I will claw my way up into the ranks of a DD-veteran. This, I believe, puts me at single-D-veteran. A demiveteran!
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby Wargasm on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:49 pm

Now that you have Half-Dragon, VHoS is your next stop. Once you see one of the two bosses there, if you understand why I'm sending you there with Half-Dragon and know your class abilities well, one of the other classes you take there should be a little more obvious. :)
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby TheSchachter on Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:06 am



Image blurred for spoilers, but I'll gladly share any thoughts and such on this. Feels awesome, really satisfying to pull off. I'd been putting it off because of the time and concentration it requires, but I'm glad I did it. Props to the devs for making these awesome triple quests, very much worth the special edition (never mind that the game itself is easily worth many times its cost already :P) So who else beat this one? I know Avatar and Waldo have done it, but I haven't seen much discussion about it otherwise...

Also, I must say, I'm glad this topic attracted all of this bragging :D
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby The Avatar on Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:35 pm

Well done sir. That is one of the hardest challenges there is. Also, you appear to have used an entirely different strategy than me, so more props to the devs for making this beatable in more ways then one.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby Sidestepper on Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:15 pm


Barely scraped by on this one. I scummed until I got both Dwarven Gauntlets and Elven Boots from the starter shops. Even with that extra firepower, I'm not sure I could have taken Gobb without a well timed Chaos Avatar and the Zot-Whupaz interaction. I hope that last one doesn't get nerfed because then I don't know what I'll do anymore :(
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby lolQuaff on Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:59 pm

Awesome Schachter!! Word is that quest is very very difficult, so good for you :) I'm about to start in on the Monster Machine. Something tells me I'm going to have a painful experience for round 1 :p

And Sidestepper, you are a god among men. Teach me how to be that good
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby lieronet on Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:49 pm

Just beat Labyrinth Purist, Halfling Priest, with Bleaty as my second boss. GG at level one for leveling, got Battlemage Ring and Piercing Wand to kill Bleaty with a little help from GETINDARE, desecrated Earthmother for Enlightenment piety and the indulgences to use my mana pots to fireball him down. After that, I just tanked Rex with potions and the Tower Shield.
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