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Supreme Slayer With Bare Hand

Postby kangpeng1981 on Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:10 pm

Supreme slayer is an achievement about “kill an enemy 9 levels above you”. It looks horrible, but in fact it is not so hard.
At first, I pick up North Desert which has a boss in low health and a map easy to discover.
Before that,we use a transmuter to open the full map. As we see, there are 3 mana boosters, 3 mana potions, 3 God altars and 5 glyphs. The BRUNDAYRAZ is likely to be found every time. The boss Aequitas has only 159 Hps, and that is what we need. Here is a simple method using Gnome Sorcerer with bare hand.
1.Prepare Glowing Guardian for simple, then you could fight the boss at level 2 to maximum your damage. (In theory, you can run into the dungeon with real bear hand to test your luck.)
2.You can prepare BRUNDAYRAZ too, but you can find it almost every time.
3.Sometimes you will get stuck when discovering the map, then try again.
4.Now count the number of fireballs needed to kill the boss. As a level 2 sorcerer, the burning effect can stack 4 times. So the total of first 4 fireball damage is 38 (8+9+10+11). After that, every fireball will deal 12 damge. 10 more fireballs will deal 120 damage. 159-38-120=1. Now the boss has only 1 Hp left, and you can finish him even you have not enough mana for another fireball. Attack a monster, and let the burning stacks kill the boss.
5.The next task is to calculate the mana points you need. We need to cast 14 fireballs, so we need 84 (14x6) points. Ideally, after discover the whole map, you are at level 2 with 4 mana potions and 5 glyphs. If you are lucky enough to find BLUDTPOWA, you can use it and the health potions to cast 3 or more fireballs. Suppose you have not found it, you still can translate 4 glyphs except BRUNDAYRAZ to get 4 mana potions. So we have 8 mana potions in total and each potion will restore 7 mana points. With the starting 18 mana points, we have 74 (18+7x8) in total. To knock down the boss, we need 10 mana points more, and it is quite easy to be done:(1)buy one mana potion in the shop (2)worship GG, converse health potions and deserver other Gods to get enough piety, then choose protections.
6.In a real game, you may have trouble collecting the whole resource, but do not be disappointed. In general, the map provides more resource to kill the boss.
7.Be careful, you should worship GG after you drink all your mana potions, or you wil get piety penalty.
To sum up:(1)prepare GG or try a few times to get it;(2)level up to 2 while discover the map;(3)converse glyphs for mana potions and cast fireballs 14 times;(4)when lack of mana, buy a mana potions and warship GG; (5)before the last attack, choose humility and return to level 1. Good luck! :lol:
My vedio: Thanks to my friend Zqxinran.He uploaded it for me.
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Re: Supreme Crusher With Bare Hand

Postby Darvin on Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:41 pm

The difficulty depends on how much you've unlocked. The most reliable approach (IMO) is an Orc Rogue, prepping Namtar's Ward, Binlor Ironshield, the blacksmith sword, extra attack boosters, and strength/reflex/quicksilver for potions.

1) Explore the map while worshipping Binlor to build up piety. Convert every glyph except the free ones from Binlor. Try to purchase the Stone Form and Stone Fist boons if possible, and try to move the boss into position for knockback chain.
2) Just as exploration is almost done, activate your strength potion and recover back to full mana.
3) Activate quicksilver and reflex, then hit the boss. Activate Namtar's Ward after losing your death protection then hit him again. Smash him with PISORF into walls, then first-strike for the kill.

You should be able to get 5 physical attacks and 6 PISORF's through this approach. If you can get your base attack to around 25, then this should allow you to get an attack chain for over 300 damage, enough to kill most fragile bosses on normal-difficulty dungeons. The caveat to this approach is that you must have completed the witch quests and the Namtar's Lair vicious dungeon.
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Re: Supreme Crusher With Bare Hand

Postby kangpeng1981 on Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:43 pm

You are right, but I succeed with my method for many times.It takes less than 5 miniutes each time, and is really a lazy way for beginners like me.
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Re: Supreme Crusher With Bare Hand

Postby The Avatar on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:22 am

I've always been fond of spell-spamming transmuters. The orc can get obscene level 1 damage.
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