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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby The Avatar on Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:03 am

Congratulations! Considering how early you are, it's actually pretty impressive you figured out this stuff. At least it took me a lot longer to do so.
We made an expansion and it is awesome. Really, you should check it out, especially if you're looking for some extra challenge.

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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby flap on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:37 am

The Avatar wrote:Congratulations! Considering how early you are, it's actually pretty impressive you figured out this stuff. At least it took me a lot longer to do so.

Well, I personally am not that early : I am playing DD since the early alpha (back in 2010 I guess), and have a much more advanced kingdom. It is this kingdom which is "early"...
I think that I was doing it before, but did not fully spot ahead of time when I had the opportunity to do so.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby Blovski on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:33 pm

Naga City is shining gold - 18/18 and 11/10. Has anyone Goated it yet?
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby sitnaltax on Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:32 am


I finally got the last of the Vicious dungeons gold--not VGT, but the rest. Vampire on Vicious Steel was just beyond brutal. Everything on that dungeon is stacked against vampires. Yesterday I managed to Translocate an Orb of Zot and, thanks to sloppy play (missed noticing a shop that turned out to be Platemail, costing me soooo many resources), ended up one swing shy of the vampire boss. Today I prepped Zot and Quest Items, and managed to pull a Balanced Dagger and Whrbargl out of shops, which did the trick.

Next step is triple quests 2 and 3, I suppose, and maybe finishing up HGT. VGT just takes so long per run, I don't know that I'm motivated to try and complete it.

Edit: Now I'm playing a regular character again and just by wandering into blackspace, both my health and mana just fill up by themselves! Such LUXURY.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby lolQuaff on Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:22 am

Very nice. Vampire VHoS is definitely one of the hardest class badges imo.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby secondserpentarius on Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:31 am

Finally unlocked the Gorgon class. The first two classes I used, Rogue and Assassin, I cleared without too much of a fuss once I managed to grasp how the dungeon worked and what I had to do. But then I hit the brick wall after that. I did well with those classes because I was able to regen fight efficiently with them, not to mention highly compatible with Tikki Tooki, the go to god for that boss rush at the time. However, no other class worked as well with TT as those two classes, so I was in a bind. Most classes I tried out just couldn't make efficient enough use of the limited black space and would end up petering out. While Monk especially disappointed me, it could have just been a combination of not fully grasping what god/preps I needed to use, and not coming in on the right level.

Finally, I came to the forum to look for some suggestions and I ended up reading (TheSchachter I believe) advice on the subject and running Dragon Shield GG Paladin. I was initially pretty skeptical because a previous run I tried with the Paladin (as TT, which was most likely the problem right there) ended in failure. And man could I not have been more wrong! Even with some of my boneheaded choices in what items to take early on, I managed to clear the dungeon with quite a few black space left. It was such a triumphant moment for me when I activated Enlightment on Kichess, walked right up to him and just beat the crap out of that sissy snake. I also wised up from my tragically close Thief run and cleared the space *behind* Kichess before taking him to town so that I don't have to chase him through black space (and doing that on my aforementioned run cost me the run by one crummy DP! I was so dang close!).

Yep, so I plan on trying to beat Horatio after I unlock everything. The silver challenges are pretty daunting at times (2000 HP BOSS! TAUROG PLZ!) I also plan on trying to master the transmuter class. It's *very* different from it's alpha incarnation (Probably for the best, really. Even the Alpha Boss Hive was no match for the wall eating cheesiness that was the Transmuter) and I'm having some trouble figuring out how it's supposed to be used properly.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby flap on Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:33 am

Pffiou... Another "low skills" bragging subject. I have finally beaten the Hall of steel with a monk and hardly no preparation. As I my kingdom is very young (I am rushing east. So there are only the 2 eastern gods unlocked, the eastern classes, items, ...), my dungeons spawn with little and basic equipment. So, those golems and illusions are a nightmare against a monk.

So that victory has been allowed by an early Wonafyt find, to save exploration and optimise xp gain on same level monsters, and a subdgungeon full of unexplored tiles. And of course Pissorf has been extremelly usefull.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby ArcticMetal on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:31 pm

I just finished all of the class challenges! My last two were Transmuter and Crusader Gold. Transmuter Gold was really, really difficult and requires extremely tight play. Crusader gold, on the other hand, was really simple once I figured out how it actually worked - it almost seemed like a bronze challenge at that point.

The only things I have left are the last 2 triple quests and 100%'ing all of the dungeons. I have every achievement other than "Masochist" but with 116 hours of playtime I should be getting that any day now. It feels good to be so close to completion!
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby flap on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:25 pm

Hey, another "low profile" bragging. I have just finished the labyrinth with a fighter, and that was tight (Bloody meat man). But I somehow feel that I still have much to learn from Binlor... (I have hardly managed to get stone form, stone fist and one stone skin. I am sure that I could do better...)
Also I don't know how I could have done it without wonafyt.

Ah, I probably still have much to learn.

EDIT : Done with the Beserker. The 33 piety points for endiswal are really worth it.
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Re: General-Purpose bragging topic!

Postby TheSchachter on Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:16 pm

Finally got around to doing Naga City Purist! Was a really tense and exciting run, too (as those tend to be). Here's a write-up for anyone interested!

Sat down to play today having decided I'd give it a try and got it on my first run, with a Human Tinker whose luck could only be qualified as bizarre. Topside items were fantastic: I got a Balanced Dagger early, followed by a Witchalok Pendant, a Crystal Ball, a Dragon's Soul and the graveyard subdungeon which gave me the Elven Boots with a promotional level 5 Zombie to kill for more same-level bonus XP!(!!!!) I ended up having to turn down the Agnostic's collar (I'd already used my Transloc seal on the Dragon's soul), the pendant of mana (would've been great with the Elven boots + Crystal ball) and Battlemage Ring (again, would've combined nicely, but no inventory space). Took BURNDAYRAZ, GETINDARE, BISSEPS and HALPMEH down as well (BISSEPS was mainly to fuel refreshment).

In the Arena, I immediately worshiped Mystera, and got a dissapointing 74 piety (I hadn't been casting enough upstairs due to wonky exploration). In any case, first bosses were Aequitas, Tomithy and Frank, so I took Mystic Balance and burned Tomithy to death (thank you, Crystal ball + Dragon Soul), followed by alternating between fireballing Aequitas and using the Witchalok's resistances to physically attack Frank. Dinged after Aequitas was dead (using a couple of popcorn) and finished off Frank; had to use a couple of potions, but so far so good.

The next bosses are Iron Man, Super Meat Man and Tower of Goo. Well, I know that I'll be needing the keg of mana along with Refreshment, so I end up burning a bunch of exploration to get to the shop, which is painful because Super Meat Man is there, but I want to fight him at level 10 (in retrospect, I should've at least started on him as I wasted the exploration... oh well) So I get started, again, on both Tower of Goo and Iron Man at the same time. For some reason, my Dragon Soul just does *not* want to trigger at all during the fight! XD I end up having to use all of my mana potions except 1 (including the keg) as well two crystal ball charges, not to mention a couple of health potions and one Refreshment (converted BISSEPS). So now I'm freshly level 10, and I'm seriously thinking that this is going to end in failure, since I don't have enough to take down Meat Man... that is, until my Dragon Soul goes completely nuts and triggers about 7 times during the fight, giving me much needed Witchalok resistances and Hapmeh health. I ended up having just enough Blackspace to take him down!

So, final roster: Tormented One, Jörmungandr and Gobb. It's good, I've just gotten to 100 piety again with Mystera, so I'm ready to convert into Tikki Tooki and abuse Reflex potions! So I do it, and I figure, now's a good time to use that Burn Salve I bought upstairs to desecrate EM! So I unlock her altar (starting to need to keep an eye on Gold, those Crystal Ball charges are getting expensive)... and CONVERT to her by mistake! :( Horrified at the thought that I might've just thrown away an excellent run, I do the only thing I can think of to save this: Use Plantation (brings me up to 45 Piety), then unlock Binlor and desecrate him. I lose more gold and the 15% m. res from the boots, but at least I'm back on track). So, back to Tikki (grr), I desecrate EM and get myself a Reflexes boon. I then turn to Gobb, on whom I plan on using most of them, and quaff the Quicksilver. No dodge, which is fine; I use my full mana tank on Tormented One and hit him at 60% phys resists. Still no dodge. Well, okay, I can hit Jörmungandr and quaff a Healing potion. DODGE! So I hit Gobb with Reflexes and go get another set of potions (just enough Piety). Quaff the second Quicksilver potion... still no dodge. Only this time, it's not kidding. I end up killing both Gobb and Snake without EVER triggering that 50% dodge chance (at least 7-10 attacks!). It ends up being the same strategy as before, with taking down Tormented One along with the others to maximize resists; I kill them with no consumables left (whew!)

So, Now it's time to finish off Kinnisch. Well, I've got 60-ish gold left; enough for an Amulet of Yendor (yay for Tinker's cheaper Items!) and either unlocking the Glowing Guardian's altar or using one Crystal Ball charge. Well, it took me way too much hesitating to realise that it was no contest; GG would give me as much as the crystal ball had charged up in Mana as well as health using Protection. So a combination of Scholar's Pact, Yendor, Protection, leftover Refreshment, and the plants I created from Earthmother (which I use to set burning off to remove death protections) were enough to propel this TInker to victory!

So yeah. TL;DR: Amazing upstairs item luck + oddly inconsistent Dragon Soul proc luck + amazingly bad Quicksilver dodge luck + Incredibly stupid Deity Conversion mistake = Victorious Purst Tinker in Naga City. Woot!

Purist Vicious left: Demonic Library, Namtar's Lair, VGT.
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