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Re: Suggestion - Need Trophies.

Postby q 3 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:52 am

I'd like to see tiered trophies (or even badges) for different levels of preparations - e.g., under 10 gold total, under 25 gold, under 50 gold, etc. Beating a dungeon with only Scout Altar is a tad more impressive than beating it with every high powered bonus you have available, even if no preparations at all is the most honorable approach. :)
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Re: Suggestion - Need Trophies.

Postby subanark on Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:04 am

Fearless - Beat a hard dungeon without using poison or letting any monster regenerate health (I say hard since many novices may not know how to do hit and run).
Already ready - After discovering a dungeon boss, kill it before you kill anything else (less random with reveal boss location).
That was easy - Beat the dungeon boss from full health to dead with only using melee attack and without moving.
? - Kill the dungeon boss with a concentrated kill.
? - Kill every monster from the start of the dungeon to the dungeon boss using only concentrated kills.
A place of my choosing - Summon the dungeon boss to your location (provided this works).
Sucked dry - Anger Dracula 4 times and beat the dungeon.
Not so safe - Get killed by a monster that counters your fireball.
Gardner - Destroy every plant on a level that has at least 1.
Where's my triblade - equip 3 swords other than the triblade at once.
Your spells are useless - Make the boss have 100% magic resistance (doesn't apply to bosses that start magic immune).
I got better - take 1000 (?) points of damage in a single dungeon,
Don Qquixote - Attack the dungeon boss at level 1.
Shield wall - equip 3 shields at once.
Total carnage - Kill 15 enemies in a row using only a single melee attack each time.
improvised digging tools - Destroy 15 walls by pushing enemies into them.
I can see clearly now - uncover every tile above ground.
Taster - Drink 6 different potions (that is everyone in the game right now).
Last ditch effort - Kill the dungeon boss on the same turn you dodge an attack that would have otherwise killed you (why do I even suggest this).
Point of no return - Get killed when you have no access to the dungeon entrance.
It's a party - Get completely surrounded by monsters.
Big steps - Beat the dungeon boss and never reveal less than 3 tiles at a time.
How the mighty have fallen - While level 10 get killed by a level 1 monster.
Refresh - Gain a level when you have mana burn, poison, and 10% or less health
Slow learner - Kill the last monster that is at your level or below while the dungeon boss lives.
Untouchable - receive no damage from a monster's melee attack.
Scout - Uncover 75% of the map before killing the first monster, and then kill the boss
Over encumbered - defeat the dungeon boss with all your inventory slots being used.
Raceless - Defeat a Hard or harder dungeon without converting anything
Deadly - Obtain a high amount of displayed attack.
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Re: Suggestion - Need Trophies.

Postby Hero of the Beach on Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:01 am

I love thinking of achievements! My favorites are the ones that are things that you wouldn't necessarily think to do, or where attempting to achieve them will result in a very different mode of play, even when the nominal objective is the same. (My favorite wish-it-were-an-achievement from the alpha was to clear any dungeon with the Transmuter without casting ENDISWAL. Theoretically possible! I almost did it once!)

I'll post them sporadically when I think of them.

Pick on Someone Your Own Size - Kill a boss whose level is lower than yours. (To be achieved by getting to level 9 in Hobbler's Hold.)
Seven of a Kind - Kill seven level 10 enemies in a single dungeon. (Use a monster whistle when level 10 in the Demonic Library, as if you don't have enough problems there.)
Bankrupt - Have zero gold in your coffers after finishing the tutorial stages.
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Re: Suggestion - Need Trophies.

Postby duwease on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:38 pm

Ooh I like.. having Steam Achievements with this would be oh so fantastic. The unlockables in the alpha already kept me playing for many extra hours.. achievements would make it even worse on me :)

I like the ideas of having achievements for wacky/difficult class/race combinations, or by beating a dungeon with a class that is ill-suited for it. It would also be fun to have one for each class, for beating a dungeon while sticking to some additional limitation that adds some difficulty. The great thing about the game is each little additional "rule" that you add to a dungeon run makes it such a different strategic experience.. I hope achievements are another way to capitalize on that without adding too much more code!
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