No, Mr. Taxidermist, I Still Haven't Found That Meatloaf

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No, Mr. Taxidermist, I Still Haven't Found That Meatloaf

Postby MrGuy on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:30 pm

I really like the Trophy system as a concept. It encourages you to play different dungeons, and vary your playstyle so as to be able to beat different bosses. However, there are two things about it that are kind of irritating due to the fact that most dungeons have randomly-selected bosses.

1) It's all too easy, by sheer coincidence, to get a long string of nothing but the same trophy over and over again. If level 10 bandits or wraiths keep spawning (as they did for me) no matter what you do, there's not much you can do about it.

2) The "IN DEMAND" trophy, though, is even worse. It's easy enough if it's for one of the bosses that's guaranteed to spawn in a certain dungeon, as then you have direction. Otherwise-- or if you're unprepared for the dungeon they're guaranteed to spawn in-- you can easily perform run after run without getting the one the Taxidermist wants.

I think it'd be nice if either the In-Demand trophy occasionally switched automatically (say, every 3-5 dungeon runs) or you could pay a fee at the Explorers' Guild to "tip you off" to one of the dungeons with a randomly-selected boss, which would then be guaranteed to be the one that drops the in-demand trophy. Just throwing it out as a suggestion.
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Re: No, Mr. Taxidermist, I Still Haven't Found That Meatloaf

Postby fall_ark on Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:12 am

I like the Guild Preparation idea. But instead of pre-selecting a boss which is easily abuseable, how about it spawns a subdungeon that contains an additional boss? This way you still have to beat the original dungeon, and then decide if you can collect that additional trophy.

Or simply spawn it like the Double Danger dungeon. It could act similarly too - only the last boss you defeated drops the trophy and the ladder back. Maybe that's a bit too harsh though.

Not that trophies matter all that much, now that the preparation cost has been reduced quite a bit. Quests provide enough money to build your kingdom, I think.
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Re: No, Mr. Taxidermist, I Still Haven't Found That Meatloaf

Postby dislekcia on Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:13 pm

Those are good ideas. In general though, not all the dungeons are in the game yet, so as you progress you'll get more stuff that the taxidermist wants. Also, having long strings of the same thing spawning is exactly what the decay system is there for: We want to you move on to other dungeons at that point ;)
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