Again! Again!

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The Again! Again! special dungeon is the Class: Berserker Berserker Silver challenge.

Strategy from Wargasm on the forums:

Krussh do this last week. Krussh mighty Orc with big furry mace. Krussh send enemies crashing into walls and each other. Very funny. Krussh make sure to bring lots of juice with him. Tastes like horse piss, and that make Krussh angry. When Krussh angry, Krussh very fast and strong. Sometimes after drinking juice, Krussh run around in darkness and feel better before hitting things. Krussh make sure to kill things bigger than him when he can. More glory. Krussh not bother with puny "lehvulwans" unless he accidentally swat them in passing. Waste of Krussh's time unless Krussh so big and angry he can eat them like popcorn. Krussh make sure he save some juice for big bossy monster at end. Krussh have friend Smassh who also good at this, he be a Dwarf.