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  • Instincts - Can see locations of monsters of equal or lower level (appear as EnemyGeneric.png on map)
  • Veteran - +1 experience per kill
  • Pit Dog - Will survive first killing blow (Protection From Death, one time)

General Strategy

The most useful ability of the fighter is Instincts, which allows you to explore more efficiently. If you head directly for monsters you can see, you'll cut down on wasted exploration regen.

You can tell the level of an unknown monster by taking note of the level (yours) at which it pops up on the map.

Race and Deity Choices

Challenge Modes


Trying out an Elf Fighter is a very viable option. Due to the high physical resistance of the Tormented One, you'll have a hard time beating him as a (typical) Human Fighter (unless you can change you physical attacks to magical ones in a shop). As an Elf Fighter you'll get a significant Mana Boost, that will help you beating the Tormented One with fireballs and midfight leveling at level 7-9. Due to INSTINCTS you should be able to conserv many tiles to regenerate afterwards and face Frank, who can be outlasted, if you have piled up some health potions. An Orc Fighter may be an option too, as it eases midfight leveling, but you'll be unable to use fireballs that much.

Having the Glowing Guardian as a deity is a huge(!!!) help in the crypt. Alternatively you can take Jehora Jeheyu or the Pactmaker. Taurog may power you up, but forces you to not use fireballs effectively, which are a big help. Tikki Tooki is always an option, since an extra potion and Dodge Bonuses can never harm. IF (!!!) you manage to get fireballs and Mysteria Annur early on, you can try to beat the crypt as a mage.

It is also important to try to beat high level monsters while leveling up to level 7-8. It will make midfight leveling with the bosses easier. A combination of fireballs end HALPMEH as well as clever handling of tile regeneration will help beating monsters 2-3 levels above your own level.