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You may also be looking for the monster version of the gorgon.

The gorgon HeroGorgon.png is one of the special races in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the Snake Pit with a monk. Gorgons are known for their death gaze, which petrifies anyone under a given amount of health. They also are physically durable and can poison foes.


  • Starts with ENDISWAL Glyph
  • -50% Damage Bonus at start
  • 50% Physical Resist
  • Poison Attack (can't poison Undead)
  • Immune to Death Gaze
  • +2 Mana per kill
  • Every enemy killed in any manner will become a wall
  • 10% Death Gaze, gains an additional 5% for every glyph converted

General Strategy

Once the enemy's HP is below your Death Gaze percentage, attacking them with melee will cause your damage to be exactly the HP required to instantly kill them. The Death Gaze percentage and resulting damage is unaffected by resistances. This damage may be lower than your actual current Attack, so keep this in mind for increasing the Damage score in Ranked games -- though this often won't matter so much with the Gorgon's low Damage Bonus.

You do not have First Strike, unlike enemy Gorgons. The petrification on kill counts towards the Earthmother's reward, but it does not count towards any Score rewards. However, since all enemies you kill will be petrified, you may have to use ENDISWAL a lot: plan for this extra mana cost requirement, and note that the Earthmother will punish you for using it if you choose her. And remember that the Gorgon only starts with Physical Resistance: Dragonspawn, Warlocks and Wraiths will still do full damage to you.

Deity Choice

Binlor Ironshield is easy to gain piety for thanks to ENDISWAL, and the Mining boon is a bit more useful for gorgons than most other classes, but his other boons aren't worth the trouble. The Earthmother isn't an option thanks to your ENDISWAL, and Glowing Guardian won't support your poisonous attack. Probably the best choice of god (aside from the universally-helpful Pactmaker) is Jehora Jeheyu, since destroying walls grants a small amount of piety.

Challenge Modes