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Regular Races

There are seven regular races, each of which can convert glyphs (magic spells/skills) into a different permanent bonus.

Race Converts glyphs to... Unlock Strategy
Human +10% Damage Bonus Start Great for beginners and Rogues/Berserkers
Elf +2 Maximum Mana Start Amazing Wizards.
Dwarf +1 Max Health per level* Start Good for fighters and monks. Decent all-around.
Hafling +1 Healing Potion Start Great for many challenge missions, and for thieves.
Gnome +1 Mana Potion Start Great for thieves.
Goblin +10 gold Defeat the Crypt challenge with any race. Natural fit for tinkers. Goblin Wizards are useful for farming gold.
Orc +5 experience Defeat the Library challenge with any race. Extra experience at will makes leveling up to heal much easier. Good for Assassins.
  • Health Powerups and the Dwarf's Glyph Conversion gives you 1 Max Health per Level. This means the bonus scales while you level up, your total bonus Max Health equals Level * (Dwarf Conversion + Health Powerups). This is NOT a percentage bonus. Buying a +10 Max Health item will not increase the bonus from Health Powerups or Dwarf's Glyph Conversion, and likewise worshipping Dracul will not decrease the bonus.

In addition, 3 special races exist as unlockables, that are a both a race and class together. Each of these three cause significant changes to the core mechanics of the game.

Race Converts glyphs to... Unlock
Gorgon +5% Death Gaze Beat Snake Pit with a Monk
Vampire +5% Lifesteal Beat Crypt with an Assassin
Half-dragon +20% Knockback damage Beat Library with a Warlord