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Gorgon Hero Large.png
Class traits
+25% to starting Physical resist
Naturally poisonous strike, petrifies enemies, starts with ENDISWAL glyph
Deathgaze effect deals unresistable damage upon attacking enemies with low health

5% Deathgaze per 100 Conversion Points

Class Features

  • AZURE BODY: +25% to starting Physical resist.png Physical resist, Death Gaze Immune.png Death Gaze Immune
  • SAPPHIRE LOCKS: Natural Poisonous.png Poisonous strike, petrifies enemies, starts with ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL glyph, -50% attack bonus
  • AMETHYST GAZE: Deathgaze effect deals unresistable damage upon attacking enemies with low health, starts with 10% Deathgaze


The Gorgon is a very bizarre class. Gorgons play sort of like monks, in that they both rely on the "regen fight" strategy, and they both have naturally bad damage. Gorgons don't have base damage reductions, but unfortunately raising bonus damage is harder to accomplish. However, with the right items, the Gorgon should negate their negative bonus damage and beyond.

The most powerful part about Gorgons are their intrinsic poison attacks. Combined with their natural physical resistance, Gorgons are able to tackle higher level enemies than monks can manage. Combining this with their death gaze immunity means enemy Gorgons are easy prey (as ironic as that might be for a mirror match).

What the Gorgon's Deathgaze does is that when the enemy is below the Deathgaze %, it gets a free attack that inflicts damage equal to the Gorgon's base attack before the enemy strikes. This often finishes them off, preventing retaliation. This is NOT affected by Platemail.png Platemail, making it a great item buy or even preparation candidate that has great synergy with poison and stoneskin.

The biggest handicap that Gorgons have to face is that they petrify enemies on kill. This includes kills with BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ, but not bosses. The bad part about this is that in narrow places, the Gorgon has to spend 6 mana to progress further. This means the Gorgon is at a disadvantage on maps with many narrow hallways. Petrified enemies do leave blood pools, but they're only accessible after the statue is destroyed, so this means Gorgons have poor synergy with The Earthmother Icon.png The Earthmother and Dracul Icon.png Dracul. Gorgons also fare poorly against maps with lots of undead enemies, because poison doesn't work against them. Depending on your worship plans, you may wish to break statues for blood pools mid-game. Barring that, you should break walls that either make additional blackspace accessible in the late game, or that help you get past blockages.

Certain glyphs are a blessing to Gorgons. IMAWAL.png IMAWAL synergizes with the Gorgon very well because of their playstyle depending on facing higher level enemies - popping an IMAWAL before killing a high-level Goblin or Gorgon will be well worth the 5 mana. An early BURNDAYRAZ is an important tool for Gorgons, since it maximizes their damage and varies the damage type, and also gives her something to do with mana when fighting against magic enemies (though you are still not making any use of your base 25% physical resistance and should prioritize something else for high-level kills regardless). Adding a few fireballs after poisoning will take down high-level enemies faster and stretch the poison duration a bit longer with burn stacks. BLUDTUPOWA.png BLUDTUPOWA can be useful for Gorgons if it costs less life than the damage prevented by ENDISWAL, or if it enables a BURNDAYRAZ/Deathgaze finishing combo. On the other hand, some glyphs come out a bit flat. GETINDARE.png GETINDARE is somewhat eclipsed by Deathgaze, so first strike only occasionally makes a difference - the dodge chance is of some benefit, but has to be weighed against glyph's inventory space and CP value. Similarly, PISORF.png PISORF is semi-redundant with ENDISWAL, functioning only as a physical damage source when you would typically prefer to regen fight using mana for fireballs and stoneskin anyway - only 2-for-1 PISORF billiards enthusiasts need apply here. APHEELSIK.png APHEELSIK isn't useless, but is probably outclassed by HALPMEH or BURNDAYRAZ, if not ENDISWAL; it can occasionally optimize your resources mid-fight if you have the extra inventory for it.

Binlor Ironshield Icon.png Binlor Ironshield is one of the best gods for a Gorgon to worship. Since you'll be casting ENDISWAL many, many times as a Gorgon, Stone Form is the best boon a Gorgon could ever ask for. There is never a shortage of ways to break walls as a Gorgon, so gaining piety is no sweat. You can even pop tons of statues with Stone Heart to aid a late conversion to Dracul or Earthmother. Mystera Annur Icon.png Mystera Annur has useful boons and can easily be fueled by the always-spamable ENDISWAL. Whether you rely on stoneskin, fireballs, or a combination, Mystic Balance and Refreshment are welcome aid (but Flames is niche at best and Weakening is only occasionally worth the piety given how often you'll have other damage options). Taurog Icon.png Taurog helps with the Gorgon's low damage and his armor synergizes well with the Gorgon's innate physical resistance, but constant casting of ENDISWAL means you'll be losing a lot of piety for long-term worship, so consider converting out after acquiring one or two items. The Earthmother Icon.png The Earthmother can work well, despite the smaller numbers of blood pools for Plantation, as the Gorgon's starting ENDISWAL ensures she won't find herself stuck, and Greenblood and Vine Form are strong with the Gorgon's slant towards fireballs and regen fighting, and her end-game piety and mana spike can be significant if you've been prioritizing statue-breaking mid-game. Similarly, Dracul Icon.png Dracul can be worth it for Blood Shield alone, making even one stack of Stone Skin go the extra mile, and Sanguine is useful to the extent that you can access the pools. Lifesteal is a mixed bag, since you deal low damage, but apply poison to your blood cows. The only really unusable deity is Glowing Guardian Icon.png Glowing Guardian, due to his hatred for poison. Tikki Tooki Icon.png Tikki Tooki is also problematic, since he is not a huge fan of regen fighter strategies.

Gorgons need bonus damage badly, so that means that the Perseverance Badge.png Perseverance Badge and Dwarven Gauntlets.png Dwarven Gauntlets are excellent items for Gorgons. The Battlemage Ring.png Battlemage Ring is a good option for a caster strategy. Whurrgarbl.png Whurrgarbl synergizes with poison strike, and Platemail.png Platemail synergizes with the entire regen fighting scheme while not interfering at all with Deathgaze in its function as a first-strike finishing move.

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