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  • Magic Sense - Can see location of all glyphs
  • Magic Affinity - Skills cost -1 mana, attack -25%
  • Magic Attunement - +1 glyph on map, +1 glyph slot


Finding the fireball glyph early in the game and worshiping Mystera Annur as a deity will get you far in your career as a wizard.

The Wizard's Magical Affinity disadvantage can be entirely offset by the BYSSEPS glyph, or being a Human, making the wizard highly effective at physical combat when maintaining his available enchantments. The Wizard also benefits highly from the already cheap costs of most physical combat glyphs, getting a 50% reduction of mana cost in BYSSEPS, and a 33% reduction in cost of GETINDARE and HELPMEH.

Generally, boss creatures can be defeated between level 7 and 8 using Mystera Annur (unload all but one of your fireballs on the boss, use last fireball to kill a low level creature in one hit to level up, then use all your potions on level 8 fireballs at the boss).

Using fireball vs animated armour helps Wizard beat Factory with Experience Catapult strategy.