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Here I will show you the basics of Regenfighting and how to win a whole dungeon with it without using potions or gods or anything special.

But first: What is regenfighting? In later dungeons you will very often come to the point, that you can not kill a monster directly by clicking on it till it dies. If you then to continue fighting by exploring(thus regenerating hp) and clicking on the monster again and again you sometimes can manage to brawl it to death. How do you know when this is going to work? Just continue reading, I will show you :)

For the playthrough I chose an intermediate dungeon (Eastern Tundra), but this strategy can be applied to every dungeon. My favourite class for regenfighting is the monk (because of the double regeneration) with orc as race to compensate his low dmg. I will play purist, because no special things are needed (although there are some items, that can boost regenplay massively !)


This is my start. Found Binlor, but was not interested and didn´t want to use any god anyway, so pass. But I found a fine sword! A great addition to my low dmg as monk. Anything that can boost your base damage is awesome :)


Here you can see how awesome base damage is for monks... I wanted to regenfight but can just dispose of the vampire :D


Found a burndayraz! Maybe you know the different effects, but take a close look at the last part. If an enemy with burning regenerates (normally his lvl per tile), he regenerates one less. Awesome!


Ah :) Finally found an enemy worth fighting. You mean I can´t win against him? I need 5 hits and he just 2? Welcome to the power of regenfighting :) Lets see: I attack him, move one tile, attack him again and fireball him.


I regenerate 4 tiles, attack him and fireball him again.


I regenerate 2 tiles, attack him and fireball him again.


I regenerate 3 tiles and kill him (regenerated in the subdungeon).


But how did I know that I could kill him? It would waste a lot of ressources if you try that and it doesnt work. So before you attack him, a little computation is needed: Determine your Power=Damage*Level. If this is higher than the enemy power (enemy damage* enemy level), you can outregen him! In this example, you have lvl 1 and 9 dmg, so your power is 9. The zombie has lvl 3 and 12 dmg, so his is 36. BUT you play monk, so you can double your power! AND the enemy has to hit through your physical defense, so his dmg(and power) gets halfed. So its an even 18 to 18. If you now use your fireball to decrease his regenerating, you effectively decrease his level by 1, leaving him by a mere 9 power. So 18>9 and he is slowly going down :) How slowly? If your power is much higher than the enemys power, he will go down very fast. A regenfight with 18 to 17 will take ages... it needs a bit of feeling when this is worth it. But the cool thing is: When you have no better target, why not fight? You can always back out of a fight and fight another one ! But back to the dungeon: Through the exploring I found the next target, a lvl 4 goblin.


Lets calculate the power: I am lvl 2 now with 12 dmg. So my power is 2*12*2=48. He is lvl 4 (effectively 3) goblin with 21 (effectively 11(rounded up!!!)) dmg. So his power is 3*11=33. Piece of cake :) I use the same tactic as above, slowly bringing him down.


When he was nearly dead, I noticed something: He has 11 hp, but my fireball deals only 8 dmg. But with the burning, its 9, leaving him on 2 burning stacks. If I attack another monster after that, he will get that stacks as damage, killing him and leveling up :) The next target is at now at hand: A lvl 5 golem.


Golems (and Meatmen!!!) are awesome, because they have low dmg, leaving them pretty powerless. I am at lvl 3 with 15 dmg, thus having 3*15*2=90 power. He has lvl 4 and 13 dmg, so a mere power of 52! Ridicoulous!


So after a short fight, he is history :) Up to the next target! I constantly fight enemies 2 lvls above me to get that extra xp bonus.


I always use the same strategy: Attack until you are nearly dead, fireball to hinder his regeneration, regenerate yourself and attack again. Now lets spice things up a bit! I want a lvl 3 difference and THIS vampire sucked my blood!


He will pay for that... I am lvl 4 with 18 dmg, thus my power is 4*2*18=144, his is 6*21=126. Of course, this is only a little difference, but I want to kill him just for fun^^


And down he goes :) Again with no potions, spells other than burndayraz or something else. My inventory is empty, only the sword from the beginning is here (but would have been optional). Any glyph I found was instantly converted to get me that extra base damage, nothing else is needed :)


Meh, no good targets left... only a golem 2 level above me :) And down he goes. REMEMBER: The lvl 7 warlock in the lower part is much harder than the golem, because you cannot half his dmg (he has magic attack) and his base damage is very high. So dont attack him :)


Meatmen on the other hand are perfect targets. He has 11(!) dmg, lol. Maybe you are amazed by now, how powerful this is. But lets kick it up a notch :) 4 level difference.


The gorgon has a power of 8*32=256, i have 20*5*2=200. Oh man :( I have to pass... but wait! Only one xp is missing. So lets attack him a little bit, level up and kick a lvl 9 with 3 level difference. Oh well :) Better than nothing.


Down he goes :)

Found Tikki Tokki, a major lol for monks. He punishes you every time you take damage... so PASS (although his poison would be awesome!). Inventory still nearly empty, didnt know what to put in there :)


Found the next target and got the next level. I could accomodate to dinging after every fight :D


Found the boss and my next target.


Now lets attack the boss! He has a power of 9*38=342... thats a lot, even for bosses. And he retaliates my fireballs, so I cant slow his regeneration that easy... but a power of 10*38=380 is not acceptable, so I have to keep that in mind somehow.


First I use all my resources and level up on a lvl 1 monster, increasing my power to 8*37*2=592 (that *2 gets extreme useful in the end!)


Started regen fighting and came across a badge of honour. Nice :) My second buy this dungeon, bringing me to 8*45*2=720 power.


Slowly getting there :)


The final fireball (without retaliation!) and I win :) And although I used regen fighting all the time, I got plenty of dark space left. Next time you play just count the spaces you wasted while exploring. Just fight something, maybe you can kill it^^


Killed everything just for fun... DD cheated!!! Didnt have that many accesible black tiles in the end as I thought :D


Here is my endscreen, just if you want to see what enemies I killed in which order.

I hope you learned something and enjoyed the reading :) Thanks a lot and have fun playing with this strategy!