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The Slime Pit - Elf Wizard - Purist run

This run is not that interesting in itself but it shouldn't have existed in the first place, and here is why...

Context: The current x5 dungeon is Slime Pit, and I see I missed one medal: Hoarder. In order to get it I want to use the best suited class, and to determine that I need to remember what kind of monsters live there. So, I take a poor sod to suicide scout.

Slime Pit 01.jpg

But here is what my lad found right next to him! So I go (or was already?) crazy and think: "hey, gods want this simpleton to shine, let's see what happens next". So I grab BLUDTUPOWA and fireball that level 2 zombie right away, exploring a bit as I regen fight, converting a WONAFYT on the road.

Slime Pit 02.jpg

I move "south", guided by those mysterious glyphs, and find BYSSEPS (instant convert) and a level 4 blob. I'm lazy and don't want to look for something more appropriate, so I decide to kill it.

As I stack burning debuffs, I move towards what appears to be LEMMISI, which I convert right away because my brain is not available right now (keeping it would have squeezed an extra 65 mana from undiscoverable tiles). But I'm stubborn and want to kill that level 4 to show that "I HAZ SKIL!1". Luckily this conversion gives me 15 max mana (3 straight fireballs!). Alas, even with 3 fireballs on maxed burning stacks I can't kill it, so I quaff 2 mana potions to finish the damn jelly.

Slime Pit 03.jpg

Slime Pit 04.jpg

I'm now level 3, and the awful taste of mana potions sobered me up (WTF did I do?!). So I decide to carefully plan the assassination of the level 9 gorgon, and start killing a level 5 and two level 6.

Slime Pit 05.jpg

I'm now level 5 and that gorgon went down quite easily (well, building 12 stacks before the real fireballs helped quite a bit). While stacking debuffs on the gorgon, I found the 2 bosses: Tower of Goo (piece of wedding cake!) and Super Meat Man (Wow! That one counter-balance the first boss really really well!).

Being stupid, I can't hear the reason telling my brain: "it's over, go report now, you drunk scout".

Slime Pit 06.jpg

But ignorance is bliss, and as I finish a level 9 blob I reach both level 7 and the last glyph on map, and what a glyph: APHEELSIK! Now I just need another mana to throw 2 fireballs and lock the damage with poison so I can safely regen.

Slime Pit 07.jpg

I start fireball'ing the Tower boss, hoping I can find a mana booster as I regen, and gods sure love the dumbs: that extra mana was just 3 tiles away!

Slime Pit 08.jpg

I can now efficiently take that Tower down, and loot solid gold! But besides Shadenfreude, there's nothing interesting right now, judge by yourself: Spoon, Fire Heart, Piercing Wand, Pendant of Health, Tower Shield and a late Gloves of Midas.

I kill some trash to reach level 8 so I can start the real deal with stronger fireballs. In the process, I got poisoned by a level 2 decaying meat man (yeah I can't one shot it at 7, but shhhh!!) resulting in a turned off BLUTUPOWA that I forgot to put back on for like 20 tiles... That's how efficient I am.

Slime Pit 09.jpg

Time for the piece of resistance! I stack 12 debuffs and start the 2 fireballs/poison/regen rotation.

As tiles start to reveal a cruel fate, vanishing faster than a fireproof meat, I find an item I love: Agnostic's Collar, that in the end I won't buy...

Slime Pit 10.jpg

But that discovery poke my slowly emerging brain: "Erm what were those gods I found already ?". As I seriously look at Binlor, Earthmother and Dracul for the first time ("hey they're laughing at me!"), I realize (50 tiles later, but shhh) that I could have used Blood Curse to increase fireball damage. Well, better late than never... I also take Blood Tithe as it seems I will have to go hand to hand with a flimsy wizard that can hardly stay up.

Slime Pit 11.jpg

Back at roasting the damn boss, and as I run low on tiles, I finally find a sub-dungeon! (Notice the never ending HP bar of the boss that just got warmed up).

Slime Pit 12.jpg

Lucky! This sub-dungeon has lots of tiles to explore!

Slime Pit 13.jpg

In the very last tiles of the main dungeon, I find the Battlemage Ring! What the hell! Gods sure know how to have fun!

Slime Pit 14.jpg

I killed the Dragon Spawn out of curiosity for the booster he was protecting, which, no matter what, wouldn't be interesting. I go back to the boss with mixed feelings when I realize that killing the guardian removed the 20 stacks from the boss. Nooooo!!! But then I realize it was necessary to gain access to extra tiles. Phew! That's how good it is to be clinicly brain dead, because, in the end, things even out.

Slime Pit 15.jpg

I have now wasted all available tiles. But the ring and the sub-dungeon extra tiles helped alot. A shadenfreude later and the meat is finally cooked.

That was an unexpected scout run, full of beers and mistakes, that proved that even an idiotic good-for-nothing alcoholic elf wizard thrown as canon fodder has a lucky star. Good luck!

Slime Pit 16.jpg