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I've noticed something I think is different about the Assassin class from previous versions now, or this may just be a retooling of First Strike in general. When both I and a creature, as an Assassin using the ability, have first strike now, and I outlevel them, the game acts as if I'm the only one with first strike. This is an insane buff to the Assassin's Instant Death surround ability- this means that anything lower level you surround, perhaps via ENDISWALL, instantly becomes fodder for the level-up trick. I'm wary to say it's a retool of First Strike, because I noticed this in a game where I not only converted the First Strike Glyph, but I was worshiping Jehora. She never got mad at me for the one sided fights that resulted from the surround and outlevel combo- so this may just be that an Assassin's surround isn't so much First Strike as it is a "guaranteed First Strike no matter what anyone, including a god, has to say about it".

It's that, or an Assassin's instant death ability overrides First Strike on enemies completely. This seems like an easy, logical explanation.

Seems like something would be better than nothing on these pages. Post any tips/insight on each class you have? --Cls4lions 12:30, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

I feel like the special races should be treated as classes rather than races, with their info on this page and a brief reference to it on the race page.

Berzerker Mageslay: What does the Attack +30% mean exactly? That spells (i.e. BURNDEYRAZ) does 30% more damage all the time?