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Was at 0 Piety following Stoneform. Killed a plant and a goat, which ended health regen. Petrified a plant, which should have generated 3 Piety. Stayed at 0, didn't regain health regen. Petrified another plant; piety stayed 0, but regained health regen. Petrified a third, which did grant piety.

Perhaps each "sin" must be atoned for with a petrification to restore health regen and atonement petrifications don't generate piety.

  • Or you just need to return to piety 0 to regain your health regen. I think it'll be safe to at least write that in the article (which I'll do now). GJ! --Headrock 23:57, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

Seems that The Earthmother is only really useful when you are faced with a lot of bandits. Does the Greenblood protect from the mana burn though? --Dariuswhiteplume 20:05, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

  • "Due to the Transmuter's absolute reliance on the use of the ENDISWAL Glyph, he should avoid joining The Earthmother's religion at all costs. "

This isn't true. Earthmother is realy good with Transmuter due to their imunity to her punishment. (they already have 0 natural regen)

About the regeneration info req in the main page: I destroyed the IAMAWAL glyph and my regeneration was disabled. subsequently I gained a level, and it was still disabled. I also drank a health potion to no avail. So, it seems that the only way to regenerate normally after the earthmother turns your regeneration off is by gaining piety...

Concerning the on-worship piety gain: I think you may be rewarded with piety on conversion if you've petrified any monsters with IAMAWAL before worshiping Earthmother. Can anyone confirm or refute this? --Procrastinus 03 February 2011

  • Looking at someone else play, it seems that the starting piety message is "The Earthmother judges your tasting of the waters of life and power" or similar. Given that this guy had been downing potions like crazy, I think we can assume that starting piety correlates to potions used. Kalir 21:02, 4 February 2011 (UTC)
  • Partially confirmed: I drank precisely 1 mana potion before worshiping Earthmother during a Library run, and my starting Piety was 3. I'm only waiting to see the results of a health potion before editing the page. --Procrastinus 07 February 2011