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Right, so, I kinda decided to let the Thief ferment a bit and draw any gasps and PMs and stuff and moved over to this guy.

I purposefully wrote him like this because It's my firm belief that getting confused by the Fighter in many ways is what discourages folks from the game and misleads them in various ways. A bunch of us vets took forever to work him out, me included, and I thought if anyone ever goes looking a class up Fighter's highly likely gonna be the class.

And once you figure out the fighter you're off to the races, so it looks the way it looks currently, and I hope it can stay that way (or similar enough to it). It answers a million questions folks always keep asking and also a few noone ever asks because they all make a wrong assumption about it. And I tink I stayed well within the borders of good taste. I don't mean to poke or prod anyone at all, the Fighter confusing people was and is a huge issue with the game (one of the few actual issues with it) and this sort of thing might help with that.

It's the only class I mean to go this wordy on, because it's the one that confuses people the most and the point of having a fighter page on the wiki at all isn't just to teach folks "to even fighter", but to dispell the results of compromises that had to be made with him being an introductory class and all that jazz.

Again, please, if you have admin capability please PM me rather than start a public ruckus about things, I can be quite reasonable if I'm not panicking, and I'm trying to help folks out here. If any wiki page can use a bit of levity, humor and self-depreciation it's the Fighter one - Lujo

The actual page, below is a work in progress, ofc, feel free to comment. In paricular about suggested gods for the Gnome and Elf fighters, respectivelly. I played them a long time ago, the PQI fed me other guys on the last playthrough. - Lujo

PQI only gives Elf and Orc Fighters, so no Gnomes that way. Fighter is a fairly non-intrusive class, it's best to just pick an altar that goes well with your race. I normally play Gnome Fighters with Mystera (JJ can also work). I normally play Elf Fighters with Earthmother or Mystera (or just see what comes along, Elf Fighter can cope with anything including GG, JJ, Binlor, even Taurog). Tinker (talk) 20:01, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Ty and V nice!, I also carefully read your post in the misfortunately named wiki thread in the forums and I'm with you on all counts there. I would have done more to both the fighter and the thief pages, but I got hit by a ransomware plague which took out half my home machines and had to juggle RL with it. I'm all for PM coordination for really smoothing all the what-goes-where templating concerning race-class-deity stuff.

And I think I'll turn the intro section into a simple and non wordy FAQ - it needs to be there, just not this wordy. Excuse the delay, RL is a pain. - Lujo


Ok I got the inital pass on all the diferent fighters, it's a bit all over the place. Anyone got comments about the whole "Here they all are, expand the one you wanna know about" format? I think that's kinda the best way to do it, least clutter. I'll try to trim down the other stuff, make the intro a shroter collapsible FAQ. I made each kinda different to try different takes on writing the content out, so I'm looking for feedback if possible.

As tinker said - how to avoid having the same stuff written up in too many places? What to compartmentize where? How about an universal easy-to-use racial page template?