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It might be useful to estimate the amount of conversion point available in a dungeon and give that value here...

Darvin, please don't restore the stuff I wrote.

I'll respect that. Also, sign your posts on talk pages --Darvin 21:13, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

I thought it looked fine. It could use its own special subsection or side page maybe, I don't know. Or maybe the main idea could be given and the details left for specific race pages. - MTaur

All the racial pages need a universal template.

What we (that is me and Tinker from what I can see) can agree on is that the really handy thing to have on a racial page is the interaction between the race and gods. That's also the only thing I've written about here, on the goblin page, and pretty much the only hing I'm happy about here overall. And they can all be torn down, pretty much, there's nothing on them that's really necessary that wouldn't be written on more funcional ones. And quite a bunch of stuff is just plain wrong.

Question is - what's a funcional, well organized one?

- Interaction between a race and gods, that's important for a bunch of races (not so much for others, but it's important).

- I'd like to write/see a "X guard" section for each race on how to play while ignoring your class, just because that'd be handy to link to. That could be the intro paragraph, or the second paragraph.

- Just a basic bit of math of what the bonus means, and how much in raw stats you can expect from it if you dump all glyphs but one into it (or something lke that).

- Really cool/powerful/simple combos? What a hard-core powergamer would call "recommended"?

- Items of note. Not sure how this wold look, tbh. -Lujo