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Converting to a god in one of the towers of Vicious Gaan-Telet does not seem to provide the free glyph (tested for TT and Binlor, probably also impacts JJ & Earthmother).

Converting to a god never provides a free glyph no matter where you do it. Is this a problem with your first god (who's supposed to give a glyph)?

Duh, my bad, I thought this was Gaan-Telet specific. Thanks for the correction!

I've just tested Vicious Gann-Telet a couple of times and I'm almost sure that Horatio's Tower did not afflict me with any Penalty - even when I only received five of the six penalties in towers 2 through 9 (I did not get the tile reveal penalty in any of the towers). Is it confirmed that Horatio's Tower afflicts with the last Penalty?