A Taste

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The A Taste is the Class: Bloodmage Bloodmage bronze challenge. It is a unique dungeon based on the forest (western) tileset. The reward for completion is 350 Gold.


None allowed.


There are no subdungeons or altars, and all five glyphs are replaced by Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ, so that no other glyphs spawn but there are five copies of it. There are shops, boosters, potions and gold piles normally.

Special Rules

At the start of the level the character has no special Bloodmage abilities (not even the free BLUDTUPOWA glyph) except for the reduced Mana pool. The abilities are unlocked by defeating the three mini-bosses. At the start of the game, only the first Damned One mini-boss is on the map, starting unexplored but revealed; when he is defeated, the next mini-boss spawns, and his tile becomes unexplored but revealed. Once all three mini-bosses are defeated, the final boss spawns in a similar fashion.


  • Monster: Wraith Wraith: Undead, Bloodless, Mana Burn, Magical Attack, Physical Resist 30%


Before getting to fight the boss, there are special mini-bosses that should be defeated. Each of them are called 'Damned One'.

First Damned One: Class: Rogue Rogue icon, Level 2, Attack 6, Health 13. Killing him gives the Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA glyph.

Second Damned One: Class: Rogue Rogue icon, Level 5, Attack 22, Health 48. Killing him gives Sanguine 20%.

Third Damned One: Class: Rogue Rogue icon, Level 8, Attack 46, Health 99. Killing him gives POWER-HUNGRY (Mana Potions are more effective and boost Sanguine) and BLOODPOWER (Drinking blood restores 1 Mana).

The final boss is Kim Royce: Class: Paladin Paladin icon, Attack 67, Health 286, Magical Attack


Recommended Race: Race: Gnome Gnome (or any)

The mini-bosses are not too difficult. BURNDAYRAZ is great against Wraiths. Thanks to the several BURNDAYRAZ glyphs, early fireball is practically guaranteed, and most likely several low-level conversions also become feasible. Combining BURNDAYRAZ and BLUDTUPOWA with the occasional blood drinking pretty much takes care of this level. Playing as a Class: Bloodmage Gnome Bloodmage is probably the easiest way, though other races are also feasible.