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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Alpha Bandit.png
Attack 70%
Health 80%
Abilities Poison attack, Mana burn
Unlocked by Complete Normal dungeon as a Rogue

The bandit is one of the monsters that roams the Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the game as a Rogue, and is notable for inflicting both poison and mana burn with its attack. The boss version of the bandit is Nine-Toes, a reference to a boss in the Borderlands video game.


  • Health: 80%
  • Damage: 70%
  • Poisons you
  • Inflicts mana burn


The bandit isn't a threat by itself, but it causes both regeneration-halting status effects with its attack, so attacking one without being able to kill it before it hits you is a bad idea unless you'll level up immediately afterwards. The low health of bandits makes them good targets for attacking early for bonus XP, especially since you are fully healed upon leveling up, negating both nasty status effects.

Boss info

Nine Toes
You just woke up the wrong dog!
Attack 52
Health 238
Abilities First strike, Poison attack, Mana burn

"HA HA HA! Oh man, you have no idea what you've just stepped into, buddy! Try not to squirm too much while I kill you!"

Nine-Toes is barely more powerful than a level 9 bandit, having the second lowest attack power of the bosses (at 52) and only 238 health. However, he does have first strike as well, meaning that if you're going to fight him in melee, you can't rely on APHEELSIK unless you're willing to spend a health and mana potion. The low health makes him a prime candidate for softening up with BURNDAYRAZ as well.

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