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Binlor Ironshield is one of the gods available for worshipping in Desktop Dungeon. Binlor may be worshipped by locating his altar in a dungeon (if it appears).

Initial Worship

If an altar of Binlor Ironshield in the dungeon, and the hero is not yet worshipping any other god, it is possible to pray to Binlor.

Immediate effect

When first worshipping Binlor Ironshield, several effects occur:

  • The hero's Maximum Health is increased by +5 points.
    • Those 5 points are immediately filled as though gained from a healing spell.
      • If poisoned, the hero's Maximum Health increases, but there is no immediate HP gain.
  • Binlor will grant you a number of Piety points equal to the amount of Gold collected from this dungeon so far.
    • Gold collected in previous dungeons and brought along with the character, or generated by a Goblin's glyph conversion are not included in this tally


Followers of The Earthmother or Glowing Guardian may convert their religion to Binlor Ironshield at the cost of piety. The hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed upon him by the other god, but will not trigger Binlor's immediate effects as described above. You may convert by visiting Ironshield's altar and asking to convert:

  • Conversion from The Earthmother costs 45 piety.
  • Conversion from Glowing Guardian costs 30 piety.

It also is possible to convert your religion from Binlor Ironshield to either The Earthmother or Glowing Guardian, by locating their altars and asking for it. Your hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed by Binlor Ironshield.

  • Conversion to The Earthmother costs 40 piety.
  • Conversion to Glowing Guardian costs 30 piety.


Binlor Ironshield is the god of industry, mining and traders. As such, he grants piety for acquiring gold (On-Worship effect), for mining through the dungeon, and for leveling up. Binlor disapproves of the use of magic, and is a patron of the Magic-resistant Golems.

Performing the following actions while in Binlor Ironshield's religion will change your Piety. If you have not yet joined Binlor Ironshield's religion, or have converted to another god or renounced Binlor, you may perform these actions without triggering the listed effects.

Gaining Piety

Binlor Ironshield will increase your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Gain a level: +10 Piety.
    • This bonus is static - it does not matter which level you are going up to, or how you gained your level - you will always get +10 piety.
  • Destroy a wall: +2 Piety.
    • Walls may be destroyed using the ENDISWAL glyph -- it is also the only glyph you can use without losing Piety (see below).
    • Walls may also be destroyed by pushing monsters into them. This occurs when performing Melee attacks with a character that has the Knockback ability (see Half-dragon. Items may also provide this ability).

Losing Piety

Binlor Ironshield will decrease your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Kill a Golem: -3 Piety.
    • As the natural protector of Golems, Binlor Ironshield will decrease your piety for killing any of them. The penalty is static - it does not change depending on the method of killing the Golem, nor its level.
  • Use any Glyph except ENDISWAL: -1 Piety.
    • Binlor will take away piety for the use of Glyphs. The only Glyph exempt from this is ENDISWAL, which can be used to gain Piety (see above).


If you perform a travesty against Binlor Ironshield which causes your Piety to drop below 0, Binlor Ironshield will lower your Physical and Magic resistance by -10% each. For example, if your Physical Resistance was +25%, it will now be +15%. If it was originally 0% (as is true for most characters), it would be dropped to -10%, causing all monsters to inflict 10% more Physical damage on you. The same applies to Magical resistance with Magical attacks.

This effect is permanent for the hero, and can only be offset by Gods or Items that increase resistance or set it to a specific level.


Binlor Ironshield has 3 boons to offer to his worshipers at the cost of Piety:


  • Destroys random chunks of wall.
  • Costs 20 Piety.
    • On acquiring this boon, Binlor will destroy about 15% of all walls, anywhere in the dungeon. The location of each tile destroyed is chosen by random from any of the existing wall tiles.
    • Research info required: What is the number of walls destroyed? Does it depend on any specific factor?


  • Sets Physical Resistance to 25%.
  • Costs 30 Piety.
    • On acquiring this boon, the hero's Physical Resistance will be set to exactly 25%, regardless of how much Physical Resistance the character had beforehand.
    • 25% Physical Resistance means that monsters that do not have Magical Attacks will only inflict 3/4 of their normal attack damage on the hero during combat.


  • Instant advance to level 10. No further piety gain.
  • Costs 80 Piety.
    • On acquiring this boon, the hero is immediately leveled up to level 10. All effects that normally trigger during level-ups apply for each level gained this way, in accordance with the hero's current level-up bonuses or penalties. This includes Maximum Health gain, Attack Strength gain, and a complete restoration of Health and Mana to their new levels, amongst any other effects the player may have collected during this dungeon.
    • Once this boon has been acquired, the hero may no longer collect any more piety for his actions. However, if he has 100 piety upon purchasing this, he may still acquire the Mining boon for the extra 20 points left.
    • At level 10, it is impossible to gain any extra experience nor level up any further by natural means or otherwise.
    • Research info required: Is piety gain re-enabled if Binlor is renounced and another god worshipped? Well, since piety can never go over 100, and Heroics costs 80, the hero is left with 20 points at most. This is not enough to convert to any other god (The Earthmother would be 40 piety and Glowing Guardian would be 30).


For most characters, following Binlor will usually only yield the Hardiness boon over the course of a game. Still, between that and the slow rate of piety loss for spells, even characters who sparingly use magic can make good use of Binlor if no better option exists. Pure casters, like wizards and bloodmages, should still avoid Binlor, as Hardiness lacks as much benefit. Mining is almost completely useless, seeing as it destroys walls (which you can gain get around with glyphs) but grants you no rewards, such as piety for each wall destroyed or the transmuter's healing ability. The true barometer for whether a class is effective under Binlor is how easily they can gain enough piety for Heroics early enough to make good use of it. This means both worshipping Binlor early and making frequent use of ENDISWAL, which is a course of action best suited to pure melee classes, who wouldn't need the mana spent on ENDISWAL anyway. Due to transmuters and half-dragons regularly destroying walls, they both are uniquely suited to following Binlor.

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