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(LEMMISI uses mana even with all tiles revealed)
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(Poison - "I feel sick")  
(Poison - "I feel sick")  

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Glyphs are spells located throughout a dungeon that must first be picked up before they can be used. The explorer can only carry 3 glyphs by default unless their class has a bonus (for instance the Wizard has 4 glyph slots). Glyphs can be converted into Attack Power, Health, Potions, etc by dropping them into the appropriate Conversion button Conversion.PNG, the result of the conversion is based on their race.


A glyph's name hints at the spell effect it performs. Some glyphs cost more mana than others to cast and not all are available from the start.

Image Glyph Cost (Mana) Effect

(Poison - "I feel sick")

5 Inflicts the poison status on a monster, preventing it from regenerating health as you explore. Will wear off when you attack anything. Undead are immune.
  • Unlocked by completing a normal game as an Assassin

(Blood Magic - "Blood to power")

0 Enable to revoke health regeneration and boost mana regeneration by 1tile.
  • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Blood Mage

(Fireball - "Burn their ass")

6 Hits a monster with a fireball, causing 4 points of damage per player level.

(Power Strike - "Biceps")

2 Player gets +30% damage bonus for next physical attack only.

(Protection from Death - "Sidestep")

10 The player will be protected from the next fatal attack and will be reduced to 1 point of health instead of dying.
  • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Warlord

(Passwall - "End this wall")

8 Destroys a section of wall.

(First Strike - "Get in there")

3 Player gets first strike status for next physical attack only.

(Heal - "Help me")

3 Restores 3 points of health per player level and cures poison status.
  • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Paladin

(Flesh to Stone - "I'm a wall")

5 Transforms a monster into a section of wall. Does not count as a kill for purposes of gaining experience, triggering rewards/punishments from gods, etc.

(Clairvoyance - "Let me see")

3 Fully reveals 3 random unexplored tiles. As a result, you'll usually regain as much or more mana than you spent casting it. Still uses mana even if there are no unrevealed tiles.

(Teleport Monster - "Piss off")

10 Teleports a monster to a random empty tile.

(Teleport Self - "Wait what?")

6 Teleports the player to a random empty tile.

(Summon Monster - "Wanna fight")

6 Teleports a random monster of the player's level to a random empty tile next to the player. Fails if no such monster or tile exists.