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Every denizen of the dungeon in Desktop Dungeons, including the player and dungeon monsters, has a level represented by the small number in its lower-right corner. A units level is a rough indication of its strength relative to the player and other monsters. Levels range from 1 through to 10, with strength increasing roughly linearly up to 9. Level 10 enemies are bosses.

Gaining levels

The player character has the ability to increase his level by gaining experience. Experience is gained by defeating monsters in combat. Unless modified by class, race, deity or item bonuses, experience is gained as follows:

  • Experience equal to the defeated monster's level
  • Bonus experience for monsters of a higher level to the player, calculated as:
x × (x + 1) where x is the difference between the player's level and the monster's level.

The player character gains 5 base damage and 10 base HP for every level achieved.

Required experience per level

To reach level Experience required Total required
2 5 5
3 10 15
4 15 30
5 20 50
6 25 75
7 30 105
8 35 140
9 40 180
10 45 225