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Tikki Tooki, the God of Mischief and master of deception, is one of the gods available for worshiping in Desktop Dungeon. Tikki Tooki may be worshiped by locating his altar in a dungeon (if it appears).

Initial Worship

If an altar of Tikki Tooki is found in the dungeon, and the hero is not yet worshiping any other god, it is possible to pray to Tikki Tooki.

Worship Fee

Unlike other gods, Tikki Tooki demands that you pay a one-time fee for joining his religion. This is paid in Gold, and the amount to be paid depends on how much Gold your character is carrying at the moment he tries to join this religion:

  • If your hero has less than 10 Gold, he cannot join Tikki Tooki's religion.
  • If your hero has 10 Gold or more, he must pay 50% of his total carried Gold to join Tikki Tooki's religion.

The message in the prayer window is a bit misleading, because it says Joining this religion will require a payment of 10 gold. but means that you need to have 10 gold currently available. Joining Tikki Tooki can be as cheap as 5 gold (if you only have 10) but is generally much more expensive than 10 gold.

This fee is charged only when joining the religion, not for any subsequent boons. However, if Tikki Tooki is renounced in any way, rejoining his religion will incur another fee, recalculated based on the hero's new amount of Gold when trying to rejoin.

Immediate effect

When first worshiping Tikki Tooki, the following effect occurs:

  • Tikki Tooki will award you a number of Piety points equal to 50% of your remaining Gold.


Followers of The Pactmaker may convert their religion to Tikki Tooki at the cost of piety. The hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed upon him by The Pactmaker, but will not trigger Tikki Tooki's immediate effects as described above. You may convert by visiting Tikki Tooki's altar and asking to convert:

  • Conversion from The Pactmaker costs 55 piety.

It also is possible to convert your religion from Tikki Tooki to Mystera Annur, by locating her altar and asking for it. Your hero will keep any bonuses or penalties bestowed by Tikki Tooki.

  • Conversion to Mystera Annur costs 95 piety.


Tikki Tooki revels in finesse and trickery during combat. Character Classes that can defeat enemies swiftly or avoid Combat Damage altogether are favored. Tikki Tooki dislikes prolonged fights.

The following actions will only change your Piety while worshiping Tikki Tooki. If you have not yet converted to Tikki Tooki yet, or have converted to another god or renounced your religion, you may perform these actions without triggering the listed effects.

Gaining Piety

Tikki Tooki will increase your Piety for performing the following actions:

  • Kill a monster without taking any damage: +4 Piety.
    • While worshiping Tikki Tooki, any monster you kill that has not caused your hero any damage will incur a reward of +4 Piety points from Tikki.
    • This applies to combat done entirely with Glyphs (BURNDAYRAZ) and the use of First Strike (through GETINDARE, fighting lower-level monsters or any other means).
    • Research info required: What about fighting monsters that cause too little damage to get through your Resistances?
  • Dodge an attack that would otherwise deal ???% of your health: +5 Piety.
    • Tikki will favor you with 5 Piety if you successfully dodge an attack that would otherwise damage ???% of your health.
    • Dodging is enabled by default for some Character Classes, and can also be acquired through Tikki's boons, bestowed by items, etc.
    • Research info required: how high must the percentage of damage be? Is there a minimum amount of damage? Is it based on Maximum or Current health?
  • Poisoning an enemy: +1 Piety.
    • Each use of the the APHEELSIK glyph, or any Melee attack you make with the "Poison Blade" item or Poison boon gained by Tikki Tooki himself, will grant you +1 Piety.
    • With APHEELSIK, only successful poisoning will trigger this effect. Casting APHEELSIK on an immune creature, being resisted by a magic resistance or trying to poison an already poisoned monster will have no effect.
    • With Poison boon, each successful attack on a non-immune monster gives +1 piety, even if the monster is already poisoned, and even for the killing blow. For instance, killing a monster in one blow with the poison boon and without being hit earns you +5 piety (+4 for no damage, +1 for poison).
  • Use the PISORF glyph on an enemy: +1 Piety
    • Each time you cast the PISORF glyph on an enemy, Tikki will give you +1 Piety point.
  • Use the WEYTWUT glyph: +10 Piety
    • Each time you cast the WEYTWUT glyph, Tikki Tooki will give you +10 Piety points.

Losing Piety

Tikki Tooki will decrease your Piety for performing the following action:

  • Being struck more than once by the same monster: -1 Piety.
    • For each blow suffered beyond the first from the same monster, Tikki Tooki will decrease your Piety by -1.
    • This occurs whenever the same monster has hit you more than once during the same game, regardless of how much time passed or how much combat has occured between the two hits.
    • Any subsequent hits beyond the first two suffered from the same monster will incur the same penalty.
    • Research info required: Does this also occur when the monster does no damage to you (thanks to Resistances, etc.)?
  • Using a death protection effect: -10 Piety.
    • Note that this only occurs when the death protection effect is used up. Applying the buff through items or CYDSTEPP does not cause you to lose piety.


Should you fall below 0 Piety, Tikki Tooki will 'decide to make your life difficult'. This results in all enemies gaining the First Strike ability, in addition to removal of your Poison Boon (if you have it) and losing the ability to dodge attacks. Regaining positive piety does NOT undo these negative effects.

  • Research Info required: There may be more effects, these are simply those that I noticed while playing a Rogue in the Snake Pit... a dungeon that started to go incredibly badly after angering Tikki Tooki.


Tikki Tooki has 4 boons to offer to his worshipers at the cost of Piety. These boons are aimed at enhancing combat efficiency and the coin in your purse.


  • Increase Dodge by +10%.
  • Costs 15 Piety.
    • On acquiring this boon, Tikki Tooki will instantly increase your ability to dodge by 10%.
    • This effect is cumulative, and will stack with any existing Dodge bonuses from class abilities or items. For example, if your character had 10% Dodge ability before acquiring this boon, he will now have 20% Dodge.
    • When your character has the ability to Dodge, there is an X% chance that any Melee attack by a monster will miss completely, causing no damage.
    • If a blow from a monster is dodged, this will cause Tikki Tooki to increase your Piety (see above).


  • Gain +40 Gold.
  • Costs 30 Piety.
    • Upon acquiring this boon the hero is given 40 gold.
    • Remember that your total amount of Gold can never exceed the current Maximum Gold level.


  • Gain a permanent Poison Attack ability.
  • Costs 60 Piety.
    • Once this boon has been acquired, the hero will gain the Poison Attack ability permanently.
    • With Poison Attacks, each Melee attack you make on an enemy will poison it, similar to the monster Poison Attack ability and the APHEELSIK Glyph.
    • Unlike APHEELSIK, using this ability costs no Mana and won't take up a Glyph slot. However, it comes at the cost of a large amount of Piety, and requires you to make Melee attacks against monsters (and thus risk taking damage, which may cause you to anger Tikki Tooki - see above).
    • This is the same exact effect that can be acquired by buying the "Poison Blade" item from a shop.

First Strike

  • Gain a permanent First Strike ability.
  • Costs 80 Piety.
    • Once this boon has been acquired, the hero will gain the First Strike ability permanently.
    • First Strike allows your hero to kill monsters without taking any damage, whenever a single strike can bring the monster's Health to 0.
    • This effect is exactly the same as the permanent First Strike ability that some Character Classes have by default. It is also the same as the First Strike effect bestowed by the "Dancing Sword" item from a shop.


Tikki Tooki can be a gamble to worship. When attacking higher level monsters with only melee it may not be possible to end the battle with one strike. Luckily Tikki does not mind magic usage so complementing a hit with a fireball is viable. Having the dodge ability before worshiping is a good idea and enhancing it with the Dodging boon should be a top priority (especially if First Strike or Poison are already acquired).

The general strategy with Tikki Tooki is to acquire the Poison boon as soon as possible, as the penalty for taking damage is negated by the bonus for poison application.

The Gold boon may be useful for cashing out unused Piety in a failed, or perhaps even a completed, dungeon. Using the boon to increase your coffers when a very useful item is stocked can be beneficial but the initial cost of worshiping negates this slightly. Lastly, it may also be a good choice for gold farming, poisoning or casting PISORF as often as possible while gathering gold.

If you worship Tikki Tooki and find the WEYTWUT glyph, it is possible to gain all boons quite quickly. Since each use grants +10 Piety points, and new areas recharge mana, you may earn a great deal of Piety without any combat.

Specific Races

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