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Desktop Dungeon Monster
Alpha Vampire.png
Attack 100%
Health 100%
Abilities Undead, Life steal (top 40% of hero health)
Unlocked by Unlock the Crypt dungeon.
Notes Only found in Crypt. The life steal occurs when the monster is revealed, not on attack.

This is article about monster. Here you can read about playable race.

The Vampire is a rare monster found only in the Crypt side dungeon. They will steal the life from any adventurer that crosses their path.


  • Health: 100%
  • Damage: 100%
  • Steals the top 40% of your health upon being discovered
  • Undead


Vampires are an annoyance when exploring, since they will usually steal your much needed health and add it to their own. When exploring the crypt, it's best to travel only when wounded, to prevent Vampires from taking the lion's share of your health. If they do manage to steal some of your health, make sure you strike them to reduce their health if you can. Vampires will only regenerate up to their original health totals; they'll never regrow the health they initially stole from you. Chances are, you may not find what you're looking for in the next few moves so reducing their health is a good action. As far as fighting Vampires goes, they're only remarkable if they've taken a lot of your health, and even then, they're no more threatening than Dragonspawn.

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