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Mana Cost 6
Effect Summons a monster of your level to you
Unlocked By None
Notes None

WONAFYT ("Wanna Fight") is one of the Glyphs you can find in a game of Desktop Dungeons. When used, this Glyph summons a monster whose level is the same as your hero's to a tile adjacent to your hero. This Glyph may spawn randomly in any dungeon and does not need to be unlocked.


WONAFYT is cast by simply clicking it.

Each use of WONAFYT costs 6 Mana, except for the Wizard for whom it costs only 5 Mana, and the Berserker for whom it costs 8.


When WONAFYT is used, it will look for any monster in the dungeon whose level is exactly the same as the Hero's level. If such a monster is found, the spell looks for an empty tile (no wall, monster, or any other obstacle in it) adjacent to the Hero. If both monster and empty tile are found, that monster is immediately teleported to that tile.

WONAFYT summons any monster of your level which may be found anywhere in the dungeon. If more than one such monster exist, one of these is chosen randomly. If you are at level 10, one of the Bosses will be teleported to you.

The monster is summoned to any empty tile immediately adjacent to your hero, including diagonals. An "empty" tile is one that can be walked through freely. This excludes wall tiles, monsters or plants, but includes Altars, Shops, or tiles with Glyphs or blood-pools on them. If more than one such tile is found, one will be chosen randomly.

If the spell can find neither a suitable monster to teleport nor an empty tile to put it in, the spell FAILS. This will be shown by the word "FAILED" in big red letters over your hero. This is a total spell failure, and will therefore not cost you any mana nor have any effect whatsoever. It will not even trigger God-related effects (see below).


WONAFYT is unlocked from the moment you create a new Profile. It has a certain chance to appear in each dungeon you play, supposedly the same chance as any other unlocked Glyph (though this has yet to be proven conclusively).

General Strategy

WONAFYT is not a generally-useful spell, but has application in a few specific circumstances.

Unexplored Dungeon Conservation

As related in the new player tutorial, unexplored dungeon is a scarce resource that heals you and restores your mana pool. Any exploration done at full health and mana is wasting free recovery.

WONAFYT can be used to provide you with targets within your abilities to kill without consuming unexplored dungeon tiles to find them. Kill the monster, explore until you are at full health/mana, then use WONAFYT to immediately fight another monster before continuing.

Stuck in the maze

This occurs when high-level (or simply difficult) monsters are blocking your way out of a part of the maze, and you are not powerful enough to take them out, but have no other targets to attack in order to level up.

In this case, casting WONAFYT will summon a monster for you to kill, assuming you can, and may allow you to level up. If this happens, you may now be strong enough to take on whatever is blocking your way out. At least, that's what you're hoping for.

Rinse and repeat if you must. And can.


WONAFYT is similar to PISORF, in that it can move monsters around the maze. Similarly to PISORF, it can be used to move a monster out of the way so you don't have to fight or kill it.

With WONAFYT, this only works on monsters that are the same level as you, so this method of moving a monster is useful if the monster is stopping you from exploring and regenerating, but you are too wounded to kill it. Otherwise, since it's the same level as you, you should have no problem killing it with the normal means (though usually at a waste of more than 6 Mana...).

Another reason to move a monster rather than kill it would be to avoid gaining experience. Perhaps you want to save a mid-fight level-up for later.

Remember that you don't actually get to select which monster will be summoned, if there is more than one monster of your level in the dungeon. Unless you can actually keep track of each monster you've killed, it's usually a guess as to whether the correct monster will teleport.

Spell Combos

Due to its highly-specialized usefulness, there is no benefit to pairing WONAFYT with any other spell. If you wish to keep WONAFYT at all, it's usually just an extra ability you store for emergencies, if they arise, regardless of what other Glyphs you may or may not have.

Specific Classes


If there is an enemy you could beat with the ability of First Strike, but you don't have GETINDARE or bought this ability, and the enemy is adjacent to an for you unreachable and unexplored tile, you can get him to a terrain wich is more suitable for you (explored area which makes your First Strike effektive) and beat him. Of course, this is only possible eith enemies of your own level and if there are more of them it could as well call another one.

In conclusion you can always save some Hitpoints by calling enemies to a explored area by gaining First Strike.


If you are playing the Half-dragon you can get something useful out of this Glyph, since you can arrange Monsters of your level in a part of the map where it fits you. Example: You can arrange some low-level enemies around a high-level or even boss enemy for smacking them into the target to weaken it before attacking it directly.

In addition it can be useful if you hit an enemy into unexolored area so it would heal if you'd chase ist, you can "pull it back" through this glyph. Of course this is only useful rarely, since WONAFYT will presumably call another enemy to you than the targeted one. But it can be useful for higher level enemies, of which are spawned only two or three anyway, so you can logistically manage it.

WONAFYT and the Gods

Several Gods in the game have various opinions about the use of WONAFYT - they may favour it or reject it, depending on their own particular creeds.


As with any other Glyph, Taurog will penalize you -5 Piety points every time you use WONAFYT.

Binlor Ironshield

Binlor is also averse to the use of spells, and will inflict a penalty of -1 Piety point per each use of WONAFYT, as with all other Glyphs (except ENDISWAL).

Mystera Annur

Mystera Annur will increase your piety by +1 for every use of WONAFYT, as long as the Glyph did not fail. On a failure, Mystera will not increase your Piety as normal.

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