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Annotated Playthroughs

These annotated playthroughs were created and uploaded by fans, and describe successful runs under a variety of conditions.

Annotated Playthrough Magma Mines

Annotated Playthrough Slim Pit Purist

Annotated Playthrough Rock Garden

Annotated Gorgon Purist Run

Annotated Playthrough Demonic Library

Annotated Playthrough Shifting Passages Purist

Annotated Playthrough Venture Cave Monk

Annotated Playthrough Vicious Halls of Steel Sorcerer

Annotated Playthrough Western Forest

Anyone Can Win Vicious, by The Avatar

This mini-series of playthroughs shows basic strategies that can beat vicious dungeons. Each one explores a vicious dungeon as a human fighter.

Anyone Can Win Vicious Part 1: Naga City

How does Regenfighting work, by Nurator

This annotated playthrough describes the power of regenfighting and shows many examples how to use it right

Annotated Playthrough: Regenfighting

Forum Thread

There is ongoing discussion regarding annotated playthroughs on the forums[1]

Deprecated Guides

As of 49b Annotated Playthrough Vicious Halls of Steel

As of 49b Annotated Playthrough Dragon Isles

As of 49b Annotated Playthrough Naga City

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