EE:Jealous Apprentice

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Boss: Jealous Apprentice
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 60 96
Health Points 419 839
No trophy
Flooded Foundry

The final boss of Flooded Foundry, and the creator of all the golems. The Jealous Apprentice isn't actually that much of a threat with some proper preparation. To start with, always take a Corestone in to make an exit back to the main dungeon, and any extras should be placed around the boss to make additional angles of attack. Every time it takes damage, the boss warps you away and spawns a level 10 golem adjacent to itself, which could either be a standard Golem, Steel Golem, Arcane Golem, Flint Golem, Golem Arbiter, or Sapphire Golem. The good news is, all of them except Golem Arbiter are EXP valuable, and that Arcane Golems can be chased off in a single hit. The boss's relatively low HP means that with a few extra spots set up around the Apprentice and decent luck, it should die before you get significantly overwhelmed with the especially problematic golem types, even with its resistances. Be aware that Burning stacks will also spawn golems, so even though Burndayraz is completely unresisted, it can make even more golems to deal with.