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The Hoarder dungeon is the Class: Tinker Tinker gold challenge. It is a unique dungeon using the eastern (winter) tileset.


None allowed.

Resources Available

The dungeon has normal glyphs. However, there are no stores and no altars. There is one random secret subdungeon. While there are gold piles, they are mostly useless as there are no stores.

Special Rules

Every time a form of the boss is killed, he drops a piece of loot. This can be any item normally spawned in a regular store - coming from any of the Shop (Basic), Shop (Elite) or Quest Item lists; as well as some of the Potions. This is the only way - aside of any items found in the secret subdungeon - to gain items in this dungeon.


This dungeon will host all unlocked monsters. The monsters on this level have high stats, cca. 60% above nominal Attack and Health.


The boss is Foyter (Class: Fighter Fighter icon, Level 1+, Attack 4+, Health 9+, Revives). Each time he is killed, he revives, and each new form is stronger than the previous (one level higher, with correspondingly increased Attack and Health). Whenever he dies, he drops an item. His Level 10 stats are: Attack 123, Health 262.


Recommended race: Race: Orc Orc or Race: Gnome Gnome

Tinkers rely on luck a bit more than the other classes, and this dungeon accentuates this reliance further by having random item spawn instead of several stores that allow you a choice. Needless to say, two runs at this challenge can play very differently depending on the items gained. While the level should be winnable with any race, the Class: Tinker Orc Tinker brings a consistent damage output, which will be needed due to the highly bloated health of every single monster; while the Class: Tinker Gnome Tinker can reliably fall back on a hybrid or pure caster strategy, depending on the items found, and as such is probably one of the most versatile races for this level.

Note that your Translocation seal is useless on this level - just convert it to free up a small item slot. Initially, the only pointer will be the entrance to the secret subdungeon, so early exploration might as well progress in that direction. Using the two Transmutation seals, a tunnel can be dug to reach the entrance.

Then start exploring the dungeon, and try to amass as much bonus experience as possible. Slow monsters if possible, and go for higher level kills as long as they don't require too much resources. When you find the boss, whack his first few forms to start getting some items. Do not spend resources on his initial forms - as none of his forms (except the last one) nets any experience, it's generally pointless to attack him when he has out-leveled the player, rather it makes more sense to kill regular monsters and catch up. This can be done until roughly level 8, when he will likely start taking potions or other resources to kill - which is when the boss fight more or less begins. Try to balance the resource spend, as his last two forms will require even more resources to take out.

The main choices in terms of inventory management will be 1) what to pick up, 2) what to convert, and 3) what to Compress using the compression seals. The BURNDAYRAZ glyph and/or any items that boost Attack, Health or Mana will most likely stay for the whole game, so they are generally good items to pick up and compress. As an Orc, converting anything and everything that doesn't look more useful than the cca. +1 damage each conversion yields is a good idea. As a Gnome, keeping the stuff that doesn't look immediately useful on the floor can also work, leaving open the choice whether to use or convert for later, as ideally his conversions will only be needed against the last form of the boss.