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 Mana Points 5 Missing info
  • Transform the target into a wall block.
  • Grants the caster Experience Boost.png Experience Boost(+50% XP on the next kill).
  • Removes 1 stack of curse.
  • Spawns a regular wall when used on an empty space. This refunds 2 mana and does not trigger bonus experience or curse removal.
Hotkey I

The IMAWAL glyph petrifies enemies, turning them into statues. It is a quite specialised glyph with a wide variety of effects that can be used in many unique situations.

In the right circumstances is can be extremely useful, especially for knockback characters and maps which have a particularly unfavorable mix of monsters.

Complex Mechanics

Statues are similar to normal walls; the player cannot pass through them and they can be destroyed by anything that destroys normal walls, such as ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL, PISORF.png PISORF, or knockback. Stone Statues leave a pile of 1 gold under them, that can only be retrieved upon destruction of the statue.

Petrifying enemies does not count as a kill and rewards you 0 XP, however petrifying slowed enemies will still grant the bonus 1 XP you would have gained from a regular kill.

Petrifying any enemy or plant it will grant you a 50% XP bonus on your next kill and also remove one stack of curse. It is also possible to petrify plants or no-experience anemies for these effects.

This bonus applies to the next enemy or plant you kill, regardless of whether it is XP valuable, meaning that it is possible to waste this bonus. This bonus is the last multiplier in XP calculations and applies to any additional XP from the slow effect or for killing an enemy above your level.

ie. Total XP = (Standard XP + any bonus XP) * 1.5

It is possible to cast IMAWAL on empty space, spawning a regular wall. Casting it on empty space won't grant you the XP-bonus, however, and will anger Binlor.

Example: Assume that a Level 2 hero kills a slowed Level 5 monster, just after having cast IMAWAL on something. He would gain a total of 21 experience points: 5 regular experience thanks to the monster's level; 8 bonus experience for the level difference; 1 bonus experience because of the slow; plus another 7 bonus experience thanks to the petrification, calculated as 50% of (5+8+1).

Unlocking the glyph

The IMAWAL glyph starts unlocked.

A free IMAWAL glyph is provided when you worship the The Earthmother Icon.png The Earthmother. It will not spawn if you convert to Earthmother from another god.


IMAWAL is a bit of a two-edged sword. While petrifying a monster can provide the player with a large XP bonus, the petrified monster itself won't give any experience to the player, Because of this, it is generally better to use the glyph on foes which you ideally would never want to fight, such as Illusions, Revenants, or high-lvl Animated Armors. This allows you to effectively level even on maps with an unfavorable mix of monsters for your class.

Otherwise players should only petrify monsters with a very low level, since the loss of potential XP from petrifying high level monsters rarely outweighs the bonus XP you receive.

Generally, the glyph should be used sparingly if there are no non-XP-valuable monsters , as removing too much popcorn can leave players at a disadvantage later on. It is also very easy to block off sections of the map by petrifying enemies in hallways and tight spaces.

IMAWAL is also one of the few ways to gain piety with The Earthmother Icon.png The_Earthmother. Since all of her boons spawn plants, you can petrify them for piety. While petrifying plants only gives you half the piety, it allows you to save your popcorn.

Half-dragons and casters relying on PISORF.png PISORF have an alternative usage for this glyph. Since it allows the player to spawn walls, they can use it to set up knockback-chains if there are no walls around a monster.

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