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Berserker Gold.png

The MOAR! special dungeon is the Class: Berserker Berserker Gold challenge. The boss is Antimony, who uses the Warlock sprite but has 870 HP and 95% physical resistance.


This is a dungeon about overcoming the Berserker's limitations. No monsters with magic attack are available as easy targets for the magic-resistant Berserker, and most have a debuff or physical resistance.

Because the boss has a large health pool and high physical resistance, a large fireball-based damage spike will be needed to kill him. As a result, a gnome makes the best choice to tackle this dungeon. No preparations are available.

Resources available

God: Mystera Annur Mystera Annur's altar always spawns near the entry, and God: The Pactmaker The Pactmaker's altar spawns somewhere on the level. These are the only two altars. A normal assortment of boosters, potions, gold, shops, and glyphs is available.


The monsters on this level are overall unfriendly to melee. The easiest monsters to kill are the Doom Armors, if you use the trick of fireballing them to remove a layer of death protection and immediately attacking another monster to ignite the Burning debuff and remove another layer. The Curse dealt by the Steel Golems is of little consequence, since your high magic resistance doesn't work on any of the monsters here anyway. Likewise, taking a few stacks of Weakness from the Succubi is no big deal, since you won't be able to melee the boss meaningfully. Feel free to use health potions for leverage, since health resources are worthless against the boss.


Mystera's altar always spawns near the altar. You should begin worship immediately and make sure to use every mana point available for piety, even if the spellcasting doesn't do you any other good. (If no glyph can be found after a modest amount of exploration, you might as well restart the dungeon.) Eventually you will want God boon: Mystic Balance Mystic Balance, two shots of God boon: Magic Magic, God boon: Refreshment Refreshment, and immediately before engaging the boss, God boon: Flames Flames.


The item assortment is random, but if they are available, you should focus on items that improve your spellcasting ability. The Item: Dragon Soul Dragon Soul, Item: Pendant of Mana Pendant of Mana, Item: Crystal Ball Crystal Ball, and Item: Battlemage Ring Battlemage Ring are all good finds. Item: Whurrgarbl Whurrgarbl can help you use and increase Burning on the boss and allow you to activate a Item: Schadenfreude Potion Schadenfreude Potion without losing your Burning stack. Finally, the Item: Piercing Wand Piercing Wand allows you to use whatever health resources you have to get in a couple of non-trivial hits.


The boss of this challenge is Antimony, who has a huge health pool and nearly-impenetrable physical resistance. You will need to cast many fireballs to take him down. A mid-fight level-up is of course valuable, but over the course of the fight the Burning stack will become significant and you can squeeze out dozens or even hundreds of points of damage if you don't lose it by attacking some other monster. Taking Pactmaker's God boon: Alchemist's Pact Alchemist's Pact can provide you with the mid-fight level-up (take God boon: Consensus Consensus first if you need piety to fuel it.) Besides God boon: Alchemist's Pact Alchemist's Pact, you can use your potions, and hopefully you have saved some glyphs to use with Refreshment.