New Prospects

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Tinker Bronze.PNG

The New Prospects dungeon is the Class: Tinker Tinker bronze challenge. The level follows the eastern (snow) tileset, and is otherwise a unique dungeon with a bit of water on both sides.


None allowed.

Resources Available

There are normal glyphs, at least Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ is fixed. There are regular shops. There are no subdungeons or altars.

Special Rules

There are no monsters above level 4, so it is generally impossible to reach a level higher than 5-6. Furthermore, when the player levels up, the boss also levels up. You lose 1 gold every time you're hit.


This dungeon hosts some special monsters:

Cutpurse: (Class: Thief Thief icon)

Cutthroat: (Class: Assassin Assassin icon, Poison, Mana Burn)

Ratling: (Monster: Ratling Ratling icon, Retaliate:Fireball, Fast Regen)

Monster: Bandit Bandit: Curse Bearer


The boss is Cutty Snark (Class: Rogue Rogue icon, Level 5+, Attack 22+, Health 55+, First Strike). Each time you level up, Cutty also levels up. This completely heals her, and makes her Attack and Health progressively higher. Due to her healing, it is impossible to benefit from a mid-fight level-up against her.


Recommended race: Any

Cutty is not a very strong boss, however as you will need to fight her at a 4-level disadvantage, she will still require a bit of thought. Perhaps the easiest strategies are melee fighting with a Class: Tinker Halfling Tinker, or fireballs with a Class: Tinker Gnome Tinker.