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Subdungeons are smaller versions of a level dungeon. They usually contain some sort of power up hidden behind a puzzle or an enemy. Some subdungeons provide quest chain advancement instead of a powerup, these subdungeons will be not appear anymore once you have advanced the quest chain.

Repeatable Subdungeons

Entrance View Subdungeon Summary
Subdungeon Health Pot Entrance.png
Free Health Potion Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles with a few walls and one level 5 Goo Blob who drops a Health Potion on death
Subdungeon Free Mana Potion Entrance.png
Free Mana Potion Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles with a few walls and one level 5 Djinn who drops a Mana Potion on death
Subdungeon The New World Entrance.png
The New World Contains a large area with no dark tiles and a "Soko Trolls" puzzle. Shifting the Soko Trolls to the center 3 squares with their names spelling out "The" "New" "World" opens a bridge to the treasure on the island
Subdungeon Temple of Knowledge Entrance.png
Temple of Knowledge Contains a large area with no dark tiles and a druid you can buy powerups from. 35g will buy you 50 exp. 5g will give you the "Experience Boost" buff, +50% experience on next kill. Need to fill in rest.
Subdungeon Health Pot Entrance.png
Vampire Chef Contains an area with no dark tiles, some plants and a level 1 vampire which drops a scroll on death. The scroll contains recipes for powerups. Killing the plants in the right order will grant these powerups.
Subdungeon Monster Shoppe Entrance.png
Monster Shoppe Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles and a shop, SmackleFunky's. You can buy an enemy to fight for 5g. The enemy will be your level and after you kill it you may summon another.
Subdungeon WIZARDdotexe entrance.png
WIZARD.EXE Contains a 5x5 area with no dark tiles and a golem who will take your glyphs in exchange for items.
Subdungeon Undead kennel entrance.png
Undead Kennel Contains a 3x8 area of dark tiles, a "Monster Whistle", a "Pepper the Dog" (item) and a level 1 Zombie. Picking up Pepper gives your next attack a +30% attack bonus and will mark your target as undead.
Subdungeon Hitball entrance.png
Hitball Fight mobs for gold.
Subdungeon Yin yang entrance.png
Yin and Yang Contains no dark tiles and two level 9 mobs who give no experience, "Yin" and "Yang". You kill them and you get something I'm actually unsure how this works.
Subdungeon Lost Sorcerer Entrance.png
Lost Sorcerer Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles and a lost sorcerer. The sorcerer needs a mana potion and you can trade him a mana potion for two health potions if you have one.
Subdungeon Good Glenrick Entrance.png
Good Glenrick Contains a 7x7 area of dark tiles and the mob "Good Glenrick". Good Glenrick is a very easy level 5 monster (10 health, 9 damage, no buffs), easy enough for a level 1 player. Killing him gives a large amount of bonus experience (19 experience total at level 1).
Subdungeon Free Booster Entrance.png
Free Booster Contains a 7x9 area of dark tiles, a booster powerup of a random type and a level 5 enemy of random type blocking you from the booster.
Subdungeon Zombie Money Entrance.png
Zombie Money Contains a 9x16 area of dark tiles, a long 1 tile wide corridor and a large gold stack. Picking up the gold stack summons 5 zombies of your level into the 1 tile wide corridor, blocking your exit.
Subdungeon Health Pot Entrance.png
Mothers for Happier Dungeoneers Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, some gold piles, a potion (always health?) and a sign. The sign attributes the loot to the "Mothers for Happier Dungeoneers" group.
Subdungeon Goat Piety Entrance.png
Goat Piety Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles and an altar. Stepping on the altar surrounds you with 8 goats, ranging for level 1 to level 8, one of each level. The goats all have 25% Magic Resist, First Strike, Mana Burn and No Experience. The altar also gives you the "Lekon Devout" buff which grants +2 piety per goat kill.
Subdungeon Dracos Heart entrance.png
Draco's Heart Contains a 5x9 area of dark tiles and the item "Draco's Heart" which gives +3 max health on level up. Picking it up will summon Draco, a level 9 dragon who gives no experience. He blocks your exit, you can kill him and keep the item or convert the item to make Draco disappear.
Subdungeon Troll push entrance.png
Troll Push Contains a troll with 100% magic resist and 100% damage resist. You must knock him back 6 times to reveal a PISORF glyph.
Subdungeon Blood Altar Entrance.png
Blood Altar Contains a blood altar. If you drink from it at less than full health it will fully recover your health. If you drink from it at full health it grants the ability to drink blood pools for 5% health restoration.
Subdungeon Level 1 surround entrance.png
Level 1 Enemy Surround Contains 5x5 dark tiles and 8 level 1 enemies of varying species which surround the entrance
Subdungeon Blacksmiths Loot Entrance.png
Blacksmith's Loot Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, a "Bear Mace", "Sword", "Shield" and a "Perseverance Badge".
Subdungeon Council Voting Entrance.png
Council Voting Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, some piles of gold and a sign with some story information.
Subdungeon Erosive plants entrance.png
Erosive Plants Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles with 5 Erosive Elroots. The plants reduce resistances by 10% and must be meleed but each of them drop a small item which grants +5% attack damage.
Subdungeon Deadly Tricks Entrance.png
Deadly Tricks Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, 5 Barbing Bush plants, a few blood pools and a sign. Reading the sign triggers a trap which reduces your current health to 1 and drops a Schadenfreude Potion and Compression Seal for you to pick up.
Subdungeon Comtemplate the waters entrance.png
Contemplate the Waters Contains a large area of inaccessible dark tiles (about 114) and a monk. If you pay the monk 25g he'll give you the LEMMISI glyph which you can use to harvest the dark tiles for mana and health. If you already have LEMMISI you can harvest the dark tiles without paying the monk.
Subdungeon Metal spider temple entrance.png
Metal Spider Temple Contains a large area of dark space, an altar and quite a few useful items. As you explore the dungeon you will be afflicted with debuffs in the order of poison, mana burn, corrosion and weakening. You will then get a warning that if you go any further you will die, if you explore 10(?) more spaces you will be instantly killed. Worshipping at the altar will reduce your health to 1, mana to 0, poison and mana burn you, give you 1 weakening and 1 corrosion. It will also cause an "Essence Potion" to appear, this potion will heal you for the amount of health the altar took and restore mana for the amount of mana the altar burned off.
Subdungeon Corrosive plants entrance.png
Corrosive Plants Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles and 6 Corrosive Creeper plants. One of the 6 plants drops the Sticky Stick, a unique large item which grants corrosive strike.
Subdungeon Lots of Gold Entrance.png
Lots of Gold Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles and 20 small stacks of gold. That's it.
Subdungeon A strange concoction entrance.png
A Strange Mixture Contains a large area with no dark tiles. In the center is a potion, when drunk it grants +10 Max Health and -1 Max Mana.