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Subdungeons are smaller versions of a level dungeon. They usually contain some sort of power up hidden behind a puzzle or an enemy. Some subdungeons provide quest chain advancement instead of a powerup, these subdungeons will be not appear anymore once you have advanced the quest chain.

Non-repeatable Subdungeons

These subdungeons may appear instead of the regular Subdungeon. However, they each only do so until completed once. Completing these subdungeons normally unlocks some game element (Race, Altar, Class or other progression).

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Halfling ??? ??? A Halfling in a subdungeon. Giving her a Health Potion unlocks the Halfling settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Halfling race.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Gnome ??? ??? A Gnome in a subdungeon. Giving her a Mana Potion unlocks the Gnome settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Gnome race.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Orc ??? ??? An Orc in a subdungeon. Offers some "Tea" to the player; accepting and drinking the Tea will unlock the Orc settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Orc race.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Goblin ??? ??? A Goblin in a subdungeon. Asks for 20 gold from the player; complying will unlock the Goblin settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Goblin race.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Chemist Demonic Library, possibly others. No Medium sized sub dungeon surrounded by lava. Contains a passive creature called "A What?" which when talked to, simply says it wants you to retrieve something. A meatman of your current level is in the subdungeon and a few walls. Breaking/Mining/Destroying the walls will uncover an unidentified rock item. Pick it up and return it to "A What?" to complete the subdungeon. As a reward, this subdungeon unlocks the Chemist class for future play.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Tinker ??? ??? A sub enclosed by walls. Requires Alchemist unlocked. Can be used to unlock the Tinker explorer's guild class.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Crusader ??? ??? A sub with a lone Crusader. Requires having unlocked all deities. If you TALK to the Crusader while having 100 piety, you unlock the Crusader explorer's guild class.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Transmuter ??? ??? A sub with a lone Transmuter. Requirements unknown. TALK to her to unlock the Transmuter explorer's guild class.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Witch Eastern Tundra ??? The Witch tasks you to gather 5 items from killing plants. Completing her chore unlocks her hut for your kingdom.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Glowing Guardian East ??? Sub dungeon with path and 3 Zombies of increasing level. Usable to unlock the Glowing Guardian.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Dracul East ??? Prerequisite: having unlocked the Glowing Guardian. Sub dungeon with your clone. You are locked in once you enter. Usable to unlock Dracul.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Mystera Annur North ??? Sub dungeon with 999 hp dragon, creative use of magic will get you past him. Usable to unlock Mystera Annur.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Jehora Jeheyu North ??? Prerequisite: having unlocked Mystera Annur. Sub dungeon has imps and an altar, you will need ENDISWAL or WEYTWUT to escape. Usable to unlock Jehora Jeheyu.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Taurog West ??? Large subdungeon with an altar at the center. Usable to unlock Taurog.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Binlor Ironshield West ??? Prerequisite: having unlocked Taurog. Subdungeon small room surrounded by walls, you need to smash the walls to find the altar. Usable to unlock Binlor Ironshield.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
The Earthmother South ??? A subdungeon filled with plants. Usable to unlock the Earthmother.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Tikki Tooki South ??? Prerequisite: having unlocked the Earthmother. Subdungeon has a reviving enemy, you must kill all forms without taking a hit. Usable to unlock Tikki Tooki.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Pactmaker Anywhere ??? Prerequisite: having unlocked any other deity. Subdungeon is a giant room with an altar in the middle; touch the altar after having unlocked all other deities to unlock the Pactmaker.

Repeatable Regular Subdungeons

These are the regular subdungeons that spawn on most maps. Most subdungeons are tied to a specific region (North/West/South/East/Central), and can only appear there. Some subdungeons seem to appear more often than others, which suggests that they also have a set rarity weight. Regular subdungeons always have their entrances spawn on accessible tiles (i.e. on corridors / in chambers).

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Graveyard Center Yes 5 gold piles, spawns a level 5 Zombie Monster Icon.png zombie that drops Elven Boots.png Elven Boots
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Sir Thrawn Center, East No Sir Thrawn (Vampire Monster Icon.png Vampire) spawns in, seals the exit, and re-shrouds the dungeon, effectively allowing you to explore it twice.
Subdungeon Deadly Tricks Entrance.png
Exploding Signpost Center, North, East, South No Contains bloodstains, several Barbing bush, and an exploding signpost. The signpost reduces you to 1 HP and then drops a Compression Seal.png Compression Seal and a SchadenfreudePotion.png Schadenfreude Potion.
Subdungeon Hitball entrance.png
Hitball Center, West Partially Enter a pit-fight against progressively more powerful opponents (scaled to your current level). The first opponent gives you 5 gold and a Health Potion.png Health Potion, the second gives you 10 gold and a Mana Potion.png Mana Potion, and the third gives you 15 gold and a ReflexPotion.png Reflex Potion.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Legend of the Signpost Gorgon Center No A 5x5 room containing four piles of gold and the File:Gorgward.png Gorgward (immunity to death gaze, 18 gold, 50 CP, small item).
Subdungeon Health Pot Entrance.png
Goo Potion Center, North No A 5x5 area containing a level 5 Goo Blob Monster Icon.png Goo Blob who drops a Health Potion.png Health Potion when killed.
Subdungeon Free Mana Potion Entrance.png
Djinn Potion Center, North No A 5x5 area containing a level 5 Djinn Monster Icon.png Djinn who drops a Mana Potion.png Mana Potion when killed.
Subdungeon Yin yang entrance.png
Yin and Yang Center Yes Contains Ying and Yang, level 8 monsters. If they are not killed in immediate succession they will respawn. When both are truly slain, they will drop Blade of Yin.png Blade of Yin and File:Yang's sword.png Yang's sword, each a small item granting +3 base attack that can be consumed for a single-use death protection (15 GP, 35 CP).
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Sapphire Helmet Center No Contains a signpost describing the Sapphire Knight, 3 gold piles, and the File:Dented Helm.png Dented Helm, which is a large item that grants +1 MP and +1 base attack (18 GP, 30 CP)
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Edible Adversaries Center No A 5x5 area containing 3 gold piles, a signpost about Meatmen, and a level 1 Meatman. When killed, the Meatman drops File:Nom Nom.png Nom Nom, a consumable large item that increases health bonus by 1 permanently (identical to picking up a health booster) but poisons you (18 gold, 20 CP).
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Misplaced Cutlery Center No A 5x5 room containing five gold piles, three Spoon.png Spoons, and a signpost describing Gaan-Telet.
Subdungeon Zombie Money Entrance.png
Zombie Money North, East No Contains a 9x16 area of dark tiles, a long 1 tile wide corridor and a large gold stack. Picking up the gold stack summons 5 Zombie Monster Icon.png zombies of your level into the 1 tile wide corridor, blocking your exit.
Subdungeon Lost Sorcerer Entrance.png
Sorcerer's Potion Trade North No A 5x5 chamber containing a Sorcerer who will give you 2x Health Potion.png Health Potion in exchange for one Mana Potion.png Mana Potion.
Strange Amulet Entrance.png
Teeth Teeth Teeth North, South No A 5x5 room containing five gold piles and a File:Strange Amulet.png Strange Amulet (15g, 35CP). When the amulet is picked up, the room changes and a level 9 and level 1 Thrall appear. The level 9 Thrall drops a File:Shadenfreude Potion.png Shadenfreude Potion. (at least in the south,) The signpost reads: Our enemies have unleashed a power too terrible to fight or control. We have no choice but to withdraw our forces and hope that the great darkness does not follow us further south.
Subdungeon Jadetooth Entrance.png
Jadetooth North Partially A large room containing Jadetooth the level 7 Berserker (42 damage, 90 HP, retaliates fireball, berserks at 50%, death protection). When killed, Jadetooth drops a powerful potion that increases and fully restores max health and max mana.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Serpent Dungeon North No Contains five gold piles and a level 6 Serpent Monster Icon.png Serpent. When killed, the Serpent Monster Icon.png Serpent drops a File:Fortitude tonic.png Fortitude tonic.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Shade Transformation North No Contains five gold piles and a level 5 "shade" (looks like a palette swapped warlock; 25 damage, 54 HP, retaliates fireball, and revives). When killed, the shade transforms into a Djinn Monster Icon.png Djinn with identical abilities and stats. When that is killed, he drops a Mana Potion.png Mana Potion.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Foolish Imp North No A 5x5 room containing five gold piles and a level 9 Imp Monster Icon.png imp. When killed, the imp drops a Mana Potion.png Mana Potion. A sign briefly talks about the foolish decisions of the northern empire.
Subdungeon Blood Altar Entrance.png
Blood Fountain East Yes A fountain in the middle of a fully revealed 5X5 square. Gives 5% Sanguine.png Sanguine. If you already have the Sanguine trait (this includes the Vampire monster class), the fountain will fully restore your HP and MP instead.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
El Potion Loco North Yes Contains 4 warlocks and a lvl1 Goblin Monster Icon.png goblin. You can kill the goblin immediately for one Keg of Health.png Keg of Health. You can talk to the Warlocks for the Wand of Splosion, which when activated, reduces your health to 1, kills the warlocks, leaves 2 Health Potion.png Health Potions and 2 Mana Potion.png Mana Potions in their respective places, and makes the Goblin unkillable. You can talk to the warlocks and use the wand even if you kill the goblin.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Paan's Labyrinth East Partially A troll called Marwood which you can talk to, quite a bit of exploration in the form of a maze with 3 lvl 1 imps called Hellboi who have 99% lifesteal.
Subdungeon Undead kennel entrance.png
Undead Kennel East No Contains a 3x8 area with a level 1 Zombie Monster Icon.png Zombie, a Slaying Wand.png Slaying Wand and a File:Zombie Dog.png Zombie Dog.
Subdungeon Mass09 Entrance.png
Mass09 Banking East No A 6x6 sub that contains a lvl5 non-hostile Vampire Monster Icon.png vampire called Volschenk who hands you the Mass09 Ledger.png Mass09 Ledger when you talk to him. The ledger is a (lockerable) small item which can be used for 1 gold per use to shuffle all existing monsters on the current map. The signpost reads: Mass09 Banking, Inc. Eastern Branch
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Mad Whispers North No Contains File:Whispergem.png Whispergems and picking them up displays a Message. (4% Phys Resistance, not convertable).
Subdungeon Monster Shoppe Entrance.png
Smackle Funky's Center, South No A 5x5 room, contains a shop which spawns monsters of the same level for 3 gold.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Diary of a Goat South No A 5x5 Room containing 5 of gold, a lv 9 Goat Monster Icon.png Goat (drops Dairy Diary.png Dairy Diary, worth 100 Cp.) and a signpost talking about the Naga Empire.
Subdungeon Vampire Chef Entrance.png
Vegetarian Vampire South Yes Contains 25 Plants and a Lv1 Vampire Monster Icon.png Vampire Chef (Drops the File:Recipe Scroll.png Recipe Scroll).

Killing the plants in a right order boosts your stats. You can look up the recipes with the Scroll.

Subdungeon placeholder.png
Confession South No A 5x5 room containing 5 piles of gold and a Sign Post talking about the discrepancies within the Naga Empire.
Subdungeon Erosive plants entrance.png
Wisp Gems South No A 5x5 room containing 5x Erosive Eelroot which drop File:Whisp Gem.png Whisp Gems (5% attack bonus, small item).
Subdungeon Corrosive plants entrance.png
Sticky Stick South No A 5x5 Room containing Corrosive Creepers. One of them drops the Druid Stick.png Sticky Stick (Corrosive Strike, large).
Subdungeon Metal spider temple entrance.png
Metal Spider Temple South No 15x13 Room, uncovering tiles will afflict you with different debuffs. Contains a Health Potion.png Health Potion, Mana Potion.png Mana Potion, FortitudeTonic.png Fortitude Tonic, BurnSalve.png Burn Salve, Compression Seal.png Compression Seal, Translocation Seal.png Translocation Seal, StrengthPotion.png Strength Potion, and WHUPAZ.png Can of WHUPAZ. In the middle of the temple lies an Altar which gives you an Essence Potion, but drains your Health and Mana and hits you with Poison and Manaburn.(Heals both Health and Mana for the amount drained)
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Spider Lore West No A 5x5 room with 5 small gold piles and a Spider lore signpost.
Subdungeon The New World Entrance.png
The New World West Yes Soko-Trolls puzzle, must spell out "The New World" in the lava rocks on the center to complete. Reward is File:Wisp Gem.png Wisp Gem (small, 5% damage), Tokoloshe Charm.png Tokoloshe Charm (small, 5% magic resist), Sword.png Sword, 2 large gold pile, 1 small gold pile, 1 Mana Potion.png Mana Potion, 1 Health Potion.png Health Potion.
Subdungeon Temple of Knowledge Entrance.png
Lurnatrix West Yes Lots of walls and a friendly Druid who offers you several experience bonuses. 35g gives you 50 experience immediately, 15g gives you +1 learning buff, 5g gives 50% exp boost to next kill. You may only buy one.
Subdungeon Goat Piety Entrance.png
The Mighty Lost Lekon West, East No A 5x5 dungeon with broken altar in the center. When touching the altar, you are surrounded by 8 Goat Monster Icon.png goat (one each of levels 1-8) and granted the Lekon Devout buff (+2 piety per goat kill). Goats have typical goat stats, in addition to Mana Burn, First Strike and No Experience.
Subdungeon Dracos Heart entrance.png
Draco's Heart West No 5x7 room with 1x7 walkable path up the middle, impassable rivers on each side of the path and breakable walls lining the room. Dragon Heart.png Dragon Heart item at the end (large, 1g 5CP, grants +3 max health per level up when held) which spawns Draco when picked up. Draco is level 9, 167 health, 63 damage, Magical Attack, No Experience and blocks your exit. You may kill him, teleport him or PISORF him out of the way, ENDISWAL around the subdungeon's edge, or convert the Dragon Heart to kill him instantly.
Fake Beard Entrance.png
I Wish I Could Read East No A 5x5 dungeon, some gold piles, Fake Beard.png Fake Beard (+5XP when placed in inventory, unconvertible). The signpost reads: I wish I could read.
Subdungeon Cracked Soul Orb.png
Cracked Soul Orb East No A 5x5 dungeon, 5 gold piles, Cracked Soul Orb.png Cracked Soul Orb (provides one death protection when placed in inventory, then becomes inert). The sign reads: From the Book of Namtar: "...and then came his greatest achievement. He discovered true immortality, and rendered himself untouchable by the divines. It came at a great cost: whatever he'd discovered in the Pit had broken him, too."
Subdungeon Titan Guitar.png
Really Awesome Guitar North Yes Quite a few walls which are immediately destroyed upon picking up the guitar. Titan Guitar.png Titan Guitar is large, 11g 11CP, on use makes all enemies on map slowed and cowardly and is consumed (unsure if other dungeon levels are affected).
Subdungeon WIZARDdotexe entrance.png
WIZARD.EXE North Yes Friendly NPC Golem will allow you to trade certain glyphs for various effects or consumables. For example, LEMMISI will give you one of each Alchemy seal.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Avatar Statue North No A 5v5 room with 5 small gold piles, an Avatar lore signpost and a level 1 Statue enemy. Physical immune, 3 damage, curse bearer, no experience. Drops File:Ritual Scroll.png Ritual Scroll when killed: large item, 13g 20CP, when consumed grants 5% resists 1 max mana and 3 layers of curse.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Gold & 3 Imps East No A 5v5 room with 3 gold piles, 3 lvl1 blinking Imps and an eastern type signboard saying that "The Underworld is near." Crypt tileset.
Draining Blade Entrance.png
Draining Blade East No A 5x5 dungeon, 5 gold piles, File:Draining Blade.png Draining Blade (1 lifesteal for 9 layers of curse and 5 of corrosion). The signpost reads: From the Book of Namtar: "He came to us, armed with a sword of blood, a glyph of blood, and a god of blood. He slew half of us immediately, proof of worth to those who remained."
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Depleted Glyph East No A 5x5 room, containing a few piles of gold, a signpost, and a depleted glyph. (BLUDTUPOWA, 0 CP)
Brandonnn South, East Yes NPC needs your piety to charge his Packmaster Mobile Altar, rewards you with potions and items.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Cha'Dylan North, West Partially A massive 15x15 room. Contains an unreachable island with about 40 tiles of explorable blackspace, and a monster icon in the dark of the island. WONAFYT lets you summon it, it has 2 life, Death Protection(7), and does 50 damage base (decreases with death protection like animated armor). When killed he drops a Sensation Stone.png Sensation Stone.
Subdungeon Comtemplate the waters entrance.png
Contemplate the Waters South Partially 15x13 Room with a good amount of non accesible Blackspace (about 114). Contains a Monk who will sell you a LEMMISI.png LEMMISI Glyph for 25 G. If you already have LEMMISI or BLUDTUPOWA you can harvest the dark tiles without paying the monk.
Subdungeon Free Booster Entrance.png
Free Booster East, ??? No Contains a 9x9 area of dark tiles, a booster powerup of a random type and a level 5 enemy of random type blocking you from the booster.
Subdungeon Council Voting Entrance.png
History of the Northern Empire ??? No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, some piles of gold and a sign with some story information. The sign varies based on how many times you have encountered the dungeon.
Wand of Binding Entrance.png
Wand of Binding East No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, 5 gold piles, the Wand of Binding.png Wand of Binding, and a signpost that reads: The sign is old and weathered, and it appears that someone left a note for themselves a long, long time ago: Aha! I've found the knight buried here. The artifacts are missing, but the remains will be of use.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Crumbling Ward South No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, 5 gold piles, the File:Crumbling Ward.png Crumbling Ward, and a signpost.
Spoon Entrance.png
History of Den of Danger Center No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, 5 gold piles, a Spoon.png Spoon, a level 1 Bandit Monster Icon.png Bandit, and a signpost that reads: The Den of Danger, as it is known today, was a former prison outpost built for the great Northern Desert Empire by the grand architect Hobb. It fell into disuse after the empire's inexplicable collapse.
The Garden Entrance.png
The Garden South No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, 3 gold piles, and one of each basic plant: Corrosive Creeper, Template:Mysterious Murkshade, Template:Barbing Bush, Elosive Eelroot and Poisonous Pod. Each plant drops a Spoon.png Spoon. The signpost reads: "Gardening": The act of clearing out nuisances (usually plants) with harmful status effects that, for whatever reason, don't have an immediate impact on the player.
Subdungeon placeholder.png

Secret (Repeatable) Subdungeons

A lot of maps have a second, hidden "secret" subdungeon. Accessing the stairs of these secret subdungeons requires breaking walls (sometimes only a single wall tile, but sometimes two or more wall tiles). Finding the location of these subs can also be difficult without LEMMISI or BLUDTUPOWA, and often involves systemic search with a careful eye out for telltale wall edges within otherwise contiguous walls.

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Subdungeon Good Glenrick Entrance.png
Good Glenrick Anywhere No Secret subdungeon. A 7x5 dungeon with a warlord named Good Glenrick (lvl6, 9 dam, 10HP). He hopes you won't kill him for his awesome experience bonus.
Subdungeon Lots of Gold Entrance.png
Lots of Gold North, East, South (tbc center/west) No A 5x5 room with 20 small gold piles.
Subdungeon Blacksmiths Loot Entrance.png
Blacksmith Center, North, East (tbc west/south) No Secret subdungeon. A 5x5 room that contains one each of the following Blacksmith Items: Perseverance Badge.png Perseverance Badge, Sword.png Sword, Shield.png Shield, Bear Mace.png Bear Mace.
Subdungeon Level 1 surround entrance.png
Monster Den Anywhere No Secret subdungeon. A 5x5 Room containing 8x Lv 1 Monsters.