The Golem Factory

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The Golem Factory dungeon is the Class: Wizard Wizard gold challenge. The level follows the Shifting Passages tileset.


None allowed.

Resources Available

There are five random glyphs, and the regular potions and boosters. There are regular shops. There are no subdungeons. There is one fixed altar, dedicated to God: Mystera Annur Mystera Annur.

Special Rules



Monster: Meat Man Meat Man

Monster: Animated Armour Animated Armour: Magical Attack, Death Protection 1/level

Monster: Golem Golem: 50% Magic Resist

Monster difficulty is Normal (100% nominal Attack and Health).


There are two bosses in the dungeon:

The Iron Man: Monster: Golem Golem icon, Attack 75%, Health 318, Magic Resist 75%

Super Meat Man: Monster: Meat Man Meat Man icon, Attack 48, Health 954


Recommended race: Race: Orc Orc

This dungeon hosts all the typical banes of wizards. Meat men have high health and are a pain to defeat using only magic; Golems have high magic resistance that is again quite difficult to defeat for a pure spellcaster. It is easiest to win this map relying on PISORF against the golems, which synergizes well with the Orc's base damage boosting conversion. However there is no guarantee that PISORF will spawn. Still, the Class: Wizard Orc Wizard offers a significant early increase in melee damage, which can in itself enable a hybrid or melee regen-fighting strategy.

Alternatively, a Class: Wizard Human Wizard offers better end-game damage, however cannot synergize so well with PISORF; a Class: Wizard Gnome Wizard offers a massive Mana spike due to his potions, that can plow through even Super Meat Man's health relying only on fireballs; and finally, the Class: Wizard Elf Wizard can boost his maximum Mana to really high levels, though is nevertheless probably the least reliable of the aforementioned builds, because to really shine it needs to find good items like Crystal Ball, Dragon Soul, Piercing Wand or Battlemage Ring.