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HeroAssassin.png <There is a bonus Class/Race combo in v2.0 you unlock from beating the Boss Hive with four different classes. Since it's seemingly unlikely that I'll get it anytime soon, if you have it and are reading this then I implore you for the sake of my sanity to update these (Races, Classes) pages with its information. Even if you never read this, please update the pages! I really want to know what this creature is and what it does.

Here to update the general info pages (Races, Classes, Dungeon, etc.) if something is seriously out of date.

Gameplay-wise, I'm a decent HeroAssassin.png player, but mediocre at everything else.

My (rather pathetic) completion stats as of 17/06/2011:

Class Normal Snake Pit Library Crypt Factory Class Normal Snake Pit Library Crypt Factory
Fighter HeroBase.png Assassin HeroAssassin.png HeroAssassin.png HeroAssassin.png HeroAssassin.png
Thief HeroThief.png Paladin HeroPaladin.png
Priest HeroPriest.png HeroPriest.png Bloodmage HeroBloodmage.png
Wizard HeroWizard.png Transmuter HeroTransmuter.png
Berserker HeroBerserker.png Crusader
Rogue HeroRogue.png Tinker
Monk HeroMonk.png HeroMonk.png Gorgon HeroGorgon.png
Sorcerer HeroSorcerer.png HeroSorcerer.png Half-dragon HeroDragon.png
Warlord HeroWarlord.png HeroWarlord.png Vampire HeroVampire.png HeroVampire.png

I'm going to have to give Factory a shot sometime.