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Darius Whiteplume
Suggested Races Nerd, Blogger
Tier Special
Unlocked By @d_whiteplume
Rewards for completion Obscure and unnecessary blog posts as well as snarky comments.

Unlocks Adventures in Nerdliness
Unlocks Tumbling in Nerdliness

Skills Systems Admin - able to tell users why they are wrong and how they are the cause of the problem

HTML, Javascript, PHP - completely worthless skills except for being fun
Layabout - able to ignore most any duty or task until prodded repeatedly

A 16-bit wizard who pretends to be an IT guy and blogger.

Early Life and Career

Before his birth, Darius Whiteplume's alter-ego played games like Temple of Apshai, Hellfire Warrior, and Telengard. Once he moved from the Atari 800 to a PC he birthed Darius Whiteplume as a Magic-User from Eye of the Beholder who progressed to the two successive EOB editions before porting himself to pencil-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons as a wizard, transmuter, Harper, and general layabout.

Life After Dungeons & Dragons

Once Darius' D&D group broke up, he was no more. Fourth edition had been released and his creator just could not bring himself to attempt conversion. He did like the name though. In September 2008 Darius Whiteplume became born anew as a blogger and internet pseudonym; the force behind Adventures in Nerdliness. Today he is a tireless pain in the ass, creating some of Tumblr's most obscure and unnecessary blogs.

Some Actual Information About the User

I have played most editions of D&D, including a little Basic/Expert. Most time has been with 1st, 3rd, and 4th editions. As of this posting (2010-29-DEC) I play an 11th level dragonborn cleric/divine oracle of the Raven Queen.

Not a big computer/console gamer. No WoW. Play some Wii stuff like Mario Kart. Don't really play other RPGs, though old Gamma World was fun, and the new edition sounds neat. Hate playing cards. Like playing some board games.

Desktop Dungeons

I am rather fond of Tikki Tooki because of the first strike and serpent's fang boons. Taurog is another favorite, though I find the Rage boon does not grant +50% damage, more like +40% (I have not done the math). My best win thus far was with a halfling berserker worshiping Taurog. I beat the library at level seven, doing 91 damage and holding 9 health potions. This earned the "cocky, aren't you" score after retiring. Least favorite god is The Earthmother as her boons seem to be of little help; this may be due to limited experience with the game. If there were some sort of "pass plant" glyph, perhaps she'd be more useful?



  • Star Trek > Star Wars
  • D&D
    • 1st > 2nd
    • 3e > 3.5
    • 4e > (3e,3.5)
  • Chocolate, in order of preference
  1. Dark
  2. Milk
  3. "Is there something else?"
  4. White
  • Lennon > McCartney


Class Completed Class Completed Class Completed
Fighter Berserker Warlord
Thief Rogue Assassin
Priest Monk Paladin
Wizard Sorcerer Bloodmage
Transmuter Gorgon Current Gauntlet Level: 1
Crusader Half Dragon Highest Ranked Score: n/a
Tinker Vampire

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