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Point of interest, I played a random map as a Vampire, and I was able to worship the Glowing Guardian without him immediately killing me. Immediately after, something I killed angered the Glowing Guardian somehow- perhaps through use of Lifesteal?

  • I also noticed this. I received no piety upon worshipping the Glowing Guardian, but I did still receive full health. Killing the first creature after worshipping caused me to lose my lifesteal.

Not sure if this is where to post it, but activating and deactivating BLUDTUPOWA gives you piety for Mysteria Annur, giving a free source of infinite piety. Also, you can freeze the game by getting boons from Taurog when you have less than 2 max mana.

  • I just tested this as a Wizard in the Library. I picked up BLUDTUPOWA, started worshiping Mysteria, and I did not get piety for turning it on and off. I know for a fact however, that the harmful opposite is true: activating and deactivating this rune in the service of Binlor will anger him every single time. I suspect Taurog is angered similarly, and originally also had suspicions that it would please Mysteria, but this wasn't the case here.

This was a bug removed in a recent patch.

I just made some major edits to the page, I added the Boons for Jehora and Mystera, what happens when you first worship them(and the Pactmaker and Tikki as well). Too much to count now though, I'm playing the game as I go so I'm pretty sure I got it down for those guys. I'm just finishing up on what I DO know for some other empty columns, so I don't have to retire and start over and over again for stuff that I DON'T know about. Also I figured out that you get more piety for Ironshield based not on how much current gold you have(I had 70 max and only got 5 piety), but how much you picked up during that level.tcarndt June 18 18:25.

Pretty sure I've gotten extra mana per level from the Pactmaker. Anyone else notice, or am I seeing things?

Almost: Yeah, I think something like that happens. The pactmaker may also give bonuses to health and attack when you level up, but I haven't been paying enough attention to notice.

Also, I think the magic only god does more than what is written, although I can't remember exactly off the top of my head.

In case anyone was curious, if you worship the Pactmaker at <= 5hp, you die.

Guys, I'm beginning to work on filling out the new piety section. Any help would be greatly appreciated -Lightstriker Please note for EVERYONE that it will be inaccurate/ incomplete for quite a bit.

If you have explored 100% of the map when you worship the pactmaker, you start with 40 favor. I'm guessing that it scales, since when I had around 50% I got around 20 favor. Other gods seem to use other systems for granting initial favor. JJ seems to use a random number 1-20 maybe? (it makes a reference to the die being set in motion) Mystera is based off MP spent? Or possibly straight spells cast? spent 70 on 10 casts of endiswal and got 16, spent 70 on 70 casts of bysseps got 16, spent 0 on no casts and got 0.

Ironshield seems to give piety based on gold. Don't call me out on that, but worth checking.

  • Glowing Guardian seems to give piety based on damage received. Dracul looks to be based on damage given? Trog I think is based on kills. (or those two might be reversed). I suspect Tikki Tooki is based either on how many items you've picked up or how many items you've purchased. Neongrey 08:20, 18 June 2010 (UTC)
    • I received 32 starting piety from Glowing Guardian without having done a single fight in that iteration. It's possible that it might include damage from previous lives (not sure if that's intended or not). Cait 22:05, 23 June 2010 (UTC)

I was just playing a game as a Bloodmage worshipping the Earthmother and I seemed to lose piety for eating a corpse (per the bloodmage ability).

Earthmother just gave me the following appraisal when I joined her: "The Earthmother judges your tasting of the rivers of life and power! (+3 piety) So the starting piety isn't 0. Njaa 23:36, 3 October 2010 (UTC)

  • Tiki Tooki: 50% of money spent, rounded down
    • Not 50%, I just bought a Magician's Moonstrike for 120 (and nothing else) and he gave me 21 piety
  • Pactmaker: 10% of cells explored, rounded down
  • Binlor: 4% of cash on hand (could be off on that, since I'm still at 75 max cash)

Anyone know the scaling formula for MA's starting piety? It's probably similar to the scaling of TT etc, but it's the easiest to test (since you can carefully control MP spent.

mp spent piety granted
1 2
2 2
80 16
99 18

This 10 minute crawler is relatively sure that Binlor gives starting piety based on the amount of gold you've picked up over the course of the current map, and has also figured out that this is not post-active. Binlor, although he gives piety based on collected gold when you begin worshiping him, does not give piety for gold picked up thereafter. He's a lot like the Pactmaker who gives starting piety based on cells explored, in that you're better off exploring 3/4 of the map and planning the entire adventure out beforehand.

Addendum: Converting a rune to gold with the Goblin's racial trait does not seem to please Binlor in this way. Damn.

I've also noticed that penalties don't seem to be retroactive in this way. Converting a Glyph under Mysteria will get you in trouble, however converting all but say the Fireball rune on the map and THEN going into her service does not provide you with negative starting piety and is thus actually recommended for an "Elf Wizard" or similar combination.

  • Similarly, Trog rewards piety only for glyphs you destroy in his service and none before. So better for him to save them and convert them once you commit. Neongrey 16:32, 18 June 2010 (UTC)

I noticed the initial piety boost for pactmaker was edited into the table-- since all gods give piety based on some condition or other, should that all be listed under that column? or should we make a separate column for it? Neongrey 17:41, 18 June 2010 (UTC)

I'd love a new column, but the thing's already pretty wide. Are people going to have problems with the width of the thing with all those columns?

(10 minute crawler again) You could change the Column title from "Worship" to "On Worship", and then in that allotted cell could describe not just effects that happen on the moment of worship such as loss of HP or Gold, but also the "starting piety" effect conditions and you would not only not need another column, you'd also help fill in the table and compensate for the giant entries in the "Options" column. Also:

Glowing guardian:

  1. Kill an undead enemy: +1 Piety
  2. Kill a snake: +1 Piety
  3. Kill an imp: +1 Piety
  4. Kill a warlock: +1 Piety

Just say

  1. Kill a snake, imp, undead enemy, or warlock: +1 Piety

Nix this aside, I just had Jehora transform a boss into Firecracker (the second campaign boss.)

Jehora: Important! I began a map within arm's reach of a Jehora altar during the first of the elven campaign and, wanting the eventual polymorph, worshiped her. She gave me 25 starting piety, so her piety isn't random 1-20. The only thing I did in the map was pick up some gold out of curiosity, but only 3 pieces and we already know Binlor is the patron saint of loose change. ( )

Also, Tikki gives +1 piety when you teleport an enemy via the Pisorf rune. ("Such a delightful display of disorientation! +1 piety)

Taurog: Also important! Your wording for one of his boons is wrong. You do not GAIN 25% magic resistance, you are SET to 25% magic resistance. This means that if you choose the Berserker class or are forced into such as the third map of the elven campaign, you must NEVER purchase this upgrade. A Barbarian begins the game with 50% magic resistance, but this will be overridden by Taurog's "buff" and you will end up with less Magic Resistance than before- and during the course of a challenge map such as the Campaign, this is a very fatal error. Taurog does not GIVE resistance, he SETS resistance. This is even the wording in-game.

I'm going to assume Jehora penalizes you for using CYDSTEPP or GETINDARE...

Tried to cleanup the layout. --XuaXua 16:13, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure Tikki Tooki only removes your dodge bonuses the first time you get hit, if you have them.

  • No. No. Tiiki only removes your dodge and gives everything first strike if you fall to 0 piety with him. What you probably did was buy the dodge bonus at 15 piety, leaving you at 0, and then went and got hit which would have instantly triggered his anger effect. If you take the simple precaution of giving yourself a little piety buffer, the anger effect becomes completely irrelevant.

Added the last four conversion costs by mucking as a Human Wizard. The last one, Mystera Annur to Pactmaster was a real bear to find. DalaranJ

"Edit" block kinda sucks, but now we can give crossrefs to needed god. Missed this one.

Don't be so hasty with that entry for Tikki. He still gets mad if you get hit enough- I don't know the exact conditions, but I have solid proof right here. It's no longer on every single hit, but if you take enough...

Jehora: "# Effect: Either death or restore full health or mana or death. " Hm. We either die, get full health and mana, or die. We have a chance of dying twice! >.> Sounds about right though given my success with it...

Any chance of having separate pages for each god? The god list is great, and there is data about gods in character sections, but it would be nice to have it to other way as well - detailed god pages that can be linked to which describe the attributes of the god as well as how it's supposed to be woven into your general strategy. Headrock 00:10, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

  • I'll go about making a page for each tomorrow. I'm not that great at strategy (the reason why I left a blank Strategy section on each dungeon page) but I can make them look nice enough). I made the infobox templates for monsters and classes... unsure if it would suit each God's article due to the volume of attributes they have, any insight?
    • Since they have very little in common that could actually be summarized into a small box, it might not be necessary and/or practical... Otherwise the infobox would be as big as the God's entry on the God list (even half that size is still a little big for an infobox). BTW, what "blank" strategy sections? :D --Headrock 09:22, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
    • I'm going to try my luck at designing something for Binlor Ironshield - very basic, with nothing but headers. Feel free to either adopt, change or reject this format, it's just to see what sort of page gods could have. (Heh, turns out it's impossible thanks to the redirect... --Headrock 20:10, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
      • The page for Binlor Ironshield is actually just a redirect page right now with the contents of #REDIRECT [[Gods#Binlor_Ironshield]]. Overwriting this with the code would actually make all current Binlor links go to the article instead. I'll go ahead with another god just to see how it evolves.--Gentlegiant03 21:19, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
        • Looks like you tackled this task pretty well Headrock, each god now has their own page. Feel free to clean-up any mistakes I may have made on Tikki Tooki, I tried to copy your format the best I could but it may need a little work.--Gentlegiant03 22:15, 2 December 2010 (UTC)
          • I enjoyed it :). I cleaned up some stuff and also did some extra research. Now that the Gods have been appeased, I'm thinking of doing some more research to fill in some of the missing data. Once I'm tired of that I'm thinking of doing the same thing to the Glyphs - think it's a good idea? --Headrock 00:17, 3 December 2010 (UTC)
            • There may be enough information on Glyphs missing from the summary page that could be elaborated on with individual pages. Going to put some ideas on the talk page.--Gentlegiant03 04:22, 3 December 2010 (UTC)

Earthmother. Dropping to 0 piety results in a perm poison. You cant regenerate HP.

Taurog. Dropping to 0 piety results in him halving your HP. Continuing to anger him kills you.

Tikki Tooki. Dropping to 0 piety gives all enemies first strike.

I think I may have figured out how Taurog gives piety when you start worshiping him. I don't think it is based on the bloodstain, but is instead based on the total level of everything you had killed before worshiping him, I killed 2 level 1 Meat Men, 2 level 1 Bandits and a level 3 Meat Man and then worshiped Taurog and got 7 piety, someone else want to check?

Ploki122 : Just so you know, GG has a mistake, you get 0 if you kill an undead lower level than you. This means that you get both the +1 and the -1. Also I think the BURNDAYRAZ exception also applies to manashield, it would mean the physically kiling an enemy gives a oenalty. (Those 2 are the only way to magically harm an enemy AFAIK)

Visual Rehash

I don't know if anyone else is playing attention to this page, but I was thinking I wanted to revise the big table on it to be more compact and not have so much wasted space in some of its columns. This would be helpful for those of us trying to view it on lower resolution screens. I'll work on it, unless anyone wants to voice an objection.--Prestige 03:27, 14 November 2013 (UTC)

Personally I'm all for a redesign of this page, but we need to decide whether to keep it table-based or switch format altogether. Not to mention it would be better to use a transclusion of the information from the single pages. --Madness 15:04, 14 November 2013 (UTC)
Well, I already did my revision to the table, a few hours after posting the above message. (Compare it to the previous version and you'll see a big difference.) So I'm pretty happy with how it is now, although if you have ideas to improve it, go ahead. --Prestige 23:47, 14 November 2013 (UTC)