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Welcome to the Desktop Dungeons Wiki!

Desktop Dungeons Gameplay (full resolution)

If you've never played a roguelike before, prepare to die, because you will! A lot! Desktop Dungeons was designed as a quick 5-15 minute mini-roguelike experience for you to enjoy without having to lose yourself for hours in the more complex roguelikes such as Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. (DD is also heavily inspired by DCSS.)

This is the #1 source for information about the PC game Desktop Dungeons. Registration is easier than most forums; feel free to contribute if you spot any inaccurate information.

Game information

Full Version
New Players Guide - Get started here
Bosses - The list of all dungeon bosses
Buildings - The basic blocks of your adventuring Kingdom
The Dungeons - An overall look at the dungeons you'll find
Races - Descriptions of the tasty glyph eating strategies
Classes - Descriptions and successful strategies
Class Challenges - Devious dungeons that teach a class
Strategy - Strategies to help players good and new alike
Glyphs - Information on glyphs
Leveling - Details on how the game's leveling and experience system works
Gods - The depravity of devious deities divulged!
Items - Details on item functionality
Monsters - Descriptions and strategies for overcoming the deadly denizens of Desktop Dungeons!
Boosters - Stat boosters found in dungeons
Subdungeons - The deep depths of dangerous dungeons
Preparations - Give yourself an advantage in your next dungeon run
Unlockables - List of unlockable content and unlock conditions
Sign Stories - Stories found on signs throughout the game
Puzzles - Unlockable puzzles to challenge your mastery
D.E.R.P. - Daily challenges
Triple Quests - 3-stage quests available via the Goatperson DLC
Traits - Modifiers to hero or monster abilities
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind - The remake
Extreme Edition - Fan-made expansion
Alpha/Freeware Version
New Players Guide - Look into the past
The Dungeon - The dungeons that have been
Races - Civilizations of gone eras
Classes - They do things differently there
Strategy - Learn the old ways
Advanced Strategy - Secrets from the ancient masters
Glyphs - The elder scrolls
Leveling - Still the same, actually
Gods - The old testament, revealed
Items - Ancient artifacts
Monsters - Bygone bestiary
Boosters - Not much change either
Scoring - For when you've unlocked Ranked games
Lothlorien - 3 stage quest guide

Tutorials and Help

Annotated Playthroughs - Examples from veteran players
Video Tutorials - Basics
Desktop Dungeons Forum

Further Information on Desktop Dungeons

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Desktop Dungeons Now available on Steam!
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7 March, 2011
Desktop Dungeons Wins Excellence in Design at IGF
3 February, 2011
Desktop Dungeons Released on Mac


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